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While the casino business on the whole in the US seems to be moving toward online gaming, Sheldon Adelson continues to keep his sights dead-set on dominating the live casino business.

Ever since Black Friday, the tide has been turning in the US back toward allowing online gaming—making recent news are the state of New Jersey, Delaware and, of course Nevada. Likewise, many casino brands have been adding their votes of confidence for online gaming coming back to the states—all of MGM, Caesars, Golden Nugget and Donald Trump making definitive steps to prepare an internet casino and poker presence.

Sheldon Adelson and his Sands Casino brand are not biting, though. Adelson has lit up poker news with his controversially paradoxical stance of being against online gaming while building Brick & Mortar casinos all over the world; even more notably, he’s made some splashes in the national news with his unprecedented financial support of Republican Presidential Nominee Newt Gingrich.

And while Adelson’s stance on online gaming remains in steady resistance, his move toward internationalizing his B&M brand marches on. A few years ago, he dumped a couple billion dollars into a casino in Macao. Now, he is rumored to have another $4-billion casino in the works for the same city. But Adelson is prepared to turn those dollar amounts into laughable investments; that’s right, be prepared to have $6.4 billion sound like nothing. Sheldon Adelson has now announced that he is planning to dedicate $35 billion toward development in Spain.

It seems clear that the multi-billionaire is set on squashing the move toward online gaming while he focuses his investments in the live sphere. And he is putting his Sands Casino brand in great position to be the premier name for the 21st century across at least 3 continents.