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PokerStars’ All Star Week has returned. If you are unfamiliar with All Star Week, it is a battle between Team PokerStars Pro and the best players at PokerStars named the Challengers. They will compete in a series of 35 heads-up matches — five matches to be played on each day from July 26 – August 1. The team with the highest points wins.

The 30 challengers will be competing with Team PokerStars Pro in five heads-up matches per day. The games will alternate between No Limit Hold ‘Em and non-NLHE poker variants. Each match will feature a $1,000 prize pool with an additional $25,000 going to the winning team. If the challengers win, the prize pool will be split among them. Additionally, the Most Valuable Player will win a 1-stamp PokerStars passport. This player will be decided by points. One point is awarded for playing in a selection tournament, three points are awarded for qualifying from a selection tournament, and five points are awarded for winning an All Star Week match. Any money won by the pros is added to the $11 All Star Week Fans Tournament prize pool on August 8 at 16:00 ET.

A series of six tournaments will take place to choose who will be part of the Challengers team. The tournament will take place on Sunday, July 18 at 16:00 ET. The six tournaments will invite the 2009 Sunday Million & Sunday Warm-Up winners, the 2009 Yearly TLB Top 50 finishers, the 2009 SCOOP Final Table players, the 2009 WCOOP Final Table players, and the 2009 Supernova Elites. The last tournament will be an $11 Wildcard tournament that will invite the top three finishers to be part of the Challengers All Star team.

There is another procedure that will be used to decide who, of the 30 Challengers selected, will play in the heads-up match during All Star Week. A qualifying match for all 35 All Star Week matches will be played exactly one week before the All Star Week match is scheduled. All thirty challengers are allowed to register for these matches.

Log into PokerStars today and cheer on your favorite Team PokerStars Pro or Challenger. Remember to take part in the $11 All Star Week Fans Tournament on August 8 at 16:00 ET. Good luck to both Team PokerStars Pro and the Challengers!