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Americas Cardroom is set to shake up the SNG landscape with the introduction of its new Sit & Go 2.0 format. This nine-player contest combines the best of skill and chance as there’s the possibility for the prize pool to get larger and larger if players are fortunate. For more general information about Americas Cardroom and why it deserves to be your online poker home, browse over to our Americas Cardroom poker review.

How is the Prize Pool Determined?

Before the SNG begins, each player will receive a card face down. The player on the dealer’s left then reveals his or her card. If it’s red, then this phase of the action is over and play proceeds with the lowest possible prize pool.

If a black card is shown, on the other hand, then the prize pool increases. The next player then reveals the card dealt to them. Each time a black card appears, the total prize amount gets higher, and at certain points, the total number of winners increases as well. The process continues until a red card comes up.

After this phase is over, then normal sit and go play commences. The rules of the game are identical to standard SNGs; the only difference is this unique method of determining the prize pool.

How Much Can Be Won?

Although this new poker variety hasn’t yet appeared online, a trial run of the live version was conducted at this year’s Punta Cana Poker Classic in the Dominican Republic. We can get an idea of the likely structure of the online prize distributions by observing what the rules were during its live introduction.

The smallest prize pool was seven times the buyin, which was distributed to the two top finishers, whenever no black cards were revealed. If a single black card appeared, then the prize pool was nine times the value of the buyin with the top three people paid.

Once you get two black cards in a row, things start to get interesting with the pool of prizes amounting to 11 times the buyin. The rewards become richer the more black cards turn up. According to information published for the live version of SnG 2.0, nine black cards is worth more than 50 times the amount paid to enter, and six players will get paid!

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