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Angel Guillen. Angel Guillen. Angel Guillen. Repeat it 1,000 times until you can remember this name. Angel Guillen, a young poker pro from Team PokerStars Mexico has shown the world what exactly it was the management at PokerStars saw in him when they recruited him to be part of the most prestigious team of big names in all of poker. The 26 year old Angel Guillen pwned the field, and took home $530,548 and his first World Series of Poker bracelet. But now I will explain to you exactly why it is that you have to remember this name.

Earlier this year, many were surprised when Team PokerStars welcomed Angel Guillen into their ranks. The 26 year old Mexican did not have an exactly impressive resume, with only a few strong finishes to his name. But in ’09, the accolades started pouring in.
o    WSOP Final table? Check.
o    WSOP Bracelet? Check.
o    WSOP Runner-up Finish? Check.
o    Latin American Poker Tour Final Table? Check.
o    Run Deep in Monte Carlo? Check.

By nabbing his first WSOP bracelet, he also went into the record books as the second Mexican EVER to win a bracelet in the entire 40-year history of the WSOP. Only a few weeks ago, Guillen also got to the final table of a $2,000 NLHE event #13, finishing second for an impressive $312,800.

But how did he win this time? Simple; by running all over the field. Guillen played some very aggressive poker, and amassed an impressive chip lead. At some point, with 3 players left, Guillen had 3/4 of all the chips in play in his corner. But Mika Paasonen of EPT fame was determined to not roll over and die so easily. After Paasonen eliminated Jason Boyes (3rd, $214,974), he actually had into a slight chip advantage vs. Guillen. Guillen then proceeded to some first class grind-downage, and kept chipping away at Paasonen. After he got himself back up in a dominant chip position, possessing 80% of all the chips in play, the following hand happened:

Paasonen raised preflop. Guillen called.
Flop came :3c :4c :Ks
Guillen, first to act, lead at the flop. Paasonen moved all in and Guillen then instacalled him.
Paasonen showed :Kd :Td for top pair good kicker, while Guillen showed :3s :3d for bottom set. Paasonen was in terrible shape as the board bricked twice, and Guillen shipped the bracelet.

For his efforts that night, Paasonen took home a very reasonable $326,203.

Team PokerStars this year has been supremely well represented in the WSOP. However Guillen’s bracelet is the first one in the ’09 WSOP for the prestigious team, even though they have come close on many occasions. Daniel Negreanu and Guillen himself have already finished as runners-up in previous events, while Chad Brown and everyone’s favorite Greg Raymer have had third place finishes.

So remember: by playing online on PokerStars you too could be going up against these guys and learning their tendencies and styles so that if you ever find them heads-up on a live event, you can beat them. Never say never, you never know when it is your time to shine!

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2009 WSOP Event #32 $2,000 NLHE
Entrants: 1,534/171
Total Prize Pool: $2,791,880

1. Angel Guillen ($530,548)
2. Mika Paasonen ($326,203)
3. Jason Boyes ($214,974)
4. Steve Kohner ($150,761)
5. Eric Ladny ($108,883)
6. Daniel Makowsky ($86,548)
7. Christopher MacNeil ($71,192)
8. Antoine Amourette ($61,421)
9. Clark Hamagami ($55,279)