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With poker being as popular as it is today, it seems everybody wants a piece of the pie, even Russian spies. Anna Chapman, the now world-famous sexy Russian spy, is planning to release an iPhone app. The app allows players to play poker against her and win prizes.

The application will cost players $1.99. Users will be allowed to play a single hand of poker against Chapman in either Texas Hold ‘Em or Five-Card Draw. Winners will gain access to tons of Anna Chapman content, including sexy photos and more. Advertisements for the iPhone app explain that winners will know “her secrets and private life details firsthand” while getting “a glance at her social life with parties, shopping, and more.” As an added bonus, winners will become Facebook friends with Chapman where she will update users on her everyday life.

Chapman was captured earlier this year as part of an alleged Russian spy ring. Members of this spy ring were brought back to Russia in exchange for US allies and special operatives. Back in Russia, she was awarded a medal for her espionage services. She then appeared in a photo shoot for “Heat,” a Russian men’s magazine, and the Russian Maxim. Chapman seems to be using her newfound fame to market herself while the iron is still hot. Chapman is rumored to be a skilled poker player. Perhaps we will see her on the next season of High Stakes Poker?