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BLUFF Magazine announced details, on Monday, of the 2009 BLUFF Online Poker Challenge.  Sponsored by Lock Poker, the competition will bring together some of the best online poker players and each will be given an opportunity to build a bankroll playing multi-table tournaments and sit-n-gos exclusively on Lock Poker.  Each player starts with $200 and has 30 days to build their bankroll.  The challenge begins March 1st and runs through until the end of the month.  The list of confirmed players includes Josh “JJprodigy” Fields, Bodog Ari, Annette “Annette15” Obrestad, Sorel Mizzi, Eric “Rizen” Lynch, Jeff “Yellowsub” Williams, Garrett “GBecks” Beckman, Phil “USCphildo” Collins, Brett “Bhanks11” Hanks, and Maria Ho.

The player who shows the greatest return will be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of BLUFF Magazine.  “We wanted to find a way to recognize the best players online and give them a real challenge,” said Eric Morris, co-founder of BLUFF Media.  “By putting the winner on the cover of BLUFF we’re not only recognizing the achievement but also giving the players something to play for.”

To make the event as challenging as possible, players will not be permitted to reload their account at any time and only SNGs and MTTs are allowed.  Players are prohibited from playing in cash games as part of the challenge.  BLUFF Magazine will provide all participants with a Flip video camera to allow them to video blog on Players will be uploading new video posts on a daily basis throughout the challenge.

“The video blogs will give our readers some insight as to how these players are building their bankroll,” said Morris.  “Hopefully our readers will not only enjoy watching the competition but learn something from the videos as well as they build their own bankroll.”

Lock Poker is giving away one exclusive invitation to the challenge.  Beginning February 1st and running until February 28th players can play at for a chance to win an invitation to the BOPC.  The person who collects the most Frequent Player Points over the month will be invited to participate.