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According to CNN, today Harrah’s Entertainment announced the implementation of additional World Series of Poker (WSOP) coverage in the form of World Series of Poker Radio. WSOP Radio will be available to over 200 stations nationwide, broadcast from, Bluff Magazine, American Forces Radio affiliates,, Cable Radio Network (CRN) and a variety of local radio affiliates in major markets nationwide, from 8 PM to 10 PM Eastern Time.

“World Series of Poker Radio is the latest addition to our broadcasting and new media portfolio and opens up a new way for us to connect with our fans and players,” WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack says. “We’re now ‘on the air’ every week with the biggest names in the game, news from the WSOP and insights from top poker analysts.”

World Series of Poker Radio will be hosted by Nick Gerber, who is a regular commentator on World Series of Poker Live. “I’m very excited to bring poker’s ‘Major League’ to the airwaves,” Geber said. “Now sports radio and poker fans can follow and participate in the action of the World Series of Poker every Monday!”

WSOP Radio is a big step for poker and the WSOP because it’s conception displays the massive national trend towards poker. Not only are so many more people playing poker now, but many more are also interested in watching it, and now listening to it. As poker continues to grow nationally and internationally, it provides the poker playing community with a less condescending general feeling from the public who do not play poker. Although poker radio broadcasting does not seem like a huge deal, given there is already a fair amount of TV coverage, it is important because it is another representation of the positive growing poker trend. And, as I have said before, hopefully the growing trend in poker will decrease the pressure on online regulations and create an atmosphere in our country and the world, which is completely supportive of poker.