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By now just about everyone who might care already knows about the Durrrr $1 million heads-up challenge.  However, another top online player has issued an open challenge for anyone willing to accept it for $1 million, “from Tiger Woods to Phil Ivey”.  This one has a bit of a twist, though, for sure.

Dusty  Schmidt, known in the online poker world as Leatherass, has issued a unique challenge.  He claims to be the best golfing poker player in the world and is willing to play a series of games in both, each with an individual wager as well as an overall wager, worth a total of $1,000,000.  Obviously this challenge wont quite get the publicity or the response from the poker world that the Durrrr challenge did.  There probably are not a huge number of high-stakes poker players who are also great golfers.  Schmidt would be the exception to this rule, however.

Before winning over $3 million playing poker online, he seemed on his way to make his millions on the links.  In his initial video issuing the challenge, he points out some of his accomplishments on the course.  He shot in the 60’s when he was 12 years old, broke two of Tiger Woods’ junior golf records, and shot a 74 using just a 4 iron (very Tin Cup).  However, a heart attack effectively ended his pro golfing career and he turned his focus to poker.

The video, as well as the challenge, has been met with quite a bit of criticism and controversy.  Leatherass himself calls out some of the naysayers in his blog at Stox (of which he is a part owner).  Specifically, he addresses the “2 + 2 Haters”, referring to some of the posters at that site who say negative things about him and his poker play and style.

Back to the challenge, though.  Here’s what you need to do in order to get some of Schmidt’s money…

Day 1 – Play 36 holes of golf.  The day will consist of four 9-hole matches at $50,000 a match.

Day 2 – Another 36 holes.  Again, four 9-hole matches at $50k each.

The overall winner of the running 72 holes also takes an extra $100,000.

Day 3 – Five $50,000 heads-up poker matches.

Day 4 – Five more $50k heads-up matches.

The total for all of the wagers will be $1,000,000.  The challenge was originally posted on April 8th, and as of today, no one has accepted the offer yet.  For more information and updates on the challenge you can check out his blog at stoxpoker, or at