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Over 10,000 entrants formed a prizepool in excess of $2,000,000, shattering World Championship of Online Poker Event 21’s guarantee of $1.5 Million. The event was a rather standard $215 No Limit Hold ‘Em event. The Cadillac of Poker attracted the best on the internet to do battle for glory, honor, and of course, cash.

Five members of Team PokerStars managed to make the money. The most famous being Grayson Physioc, also known as spacegracy. Physioc is a Sit and Go grinder who has thousands of hours of experience at the PokerStars tables. He runs live poker training at his villa in Costa Rica. The man is a legitimate baller who knows when to push, fold, and dominate tournaments in general. He finished in 443rd. Portuguese pro Henrique Pinho, Canadian Steve Paul-Ambrose, and the beautiful Nichole Peppe also cashed in WCOOP Event 21. The stunning and talented Sandra Naujoks went the deepest of any PokerStars Pro when she was knocked out in 217th. Hailing from Germany, Naujoks is an up and coming star with two live wins under her belt and winnings that exceed $1,000,000.

The WCOOP Event 21 Final Table kicked off with blinds of 125,000/250,000 and an ante from each player of 31,250. Here is how the player stacked up:

ganatodoAA (9,221,499 in chips)
buriedatsea (8,176,180 in chips)
XBraumeister (6,136,930 in chips)
vic_xcite (18,752,301 in chips)
UndrAAge (7,909,017 in chips)
Antoshka (10,301,069 in chips)
Sircall (8,141,049 in chips)
puicachamp (21,943,114 in chips)
ohnistun (14,338,841 in chips)

The short stack, XBraumester, was eliminated in 9th when his AQ was coolered by Antoshka’s pocket rockets. Antoshka drew blood again in a blind versus blind confrontation with Sircall. Both players got it all-in preflop with ace rag. Antoshka’s A7 bested SirCall’s A4 who was sent to the rail in 8th.

Anotoshka, like butter, was on a roll. He eliminated puicachamp in seventh place when his QQ held against TT. Finally, Antoshka let someone else do the work when ohnistun was knocked out by buriedatsea.

Some rather standard hands took place before it was down to three-handed play. Antoshka, UndrAAge, and vic_xcite were all vying for hundreds of thousands of dollars and a prestigious WCOOP Bracelet. The three players agreed to a deal that made them much richer.

With the deal in place, there was still the championship to play for. UnderAAge eliminated vix_xcite when he binked his flush and straight draw on the river. Heads-up play didn’t last too long before Antoshka sealed the deal, getting it all-in on the turn with his straight versus two pair. UnderAAge failed to boat up and sank in second pace. Congratulations Antoshka!

WCOOP Event 21 (No Limit Hold ‘Em)
Buy-in: $200+$15
Prize Pool: $2.098,400
Entrants: 10,492

1. Antoshka (New York) *$280,000.00
2. UnderAAge (Rockville) *$206,214.26
3. vic_xcite (Gothenburg) *$190,000.00
4. ganatodo (Caracas) $104,920.00
5. buriedatsea (Banbury) $83,936.00
6. ohnistun (Chelmsford) $62,952.00
7. puicachamp (Arad) $41,968.00
8. Sircall (Lomma) $23,082.40
9. XBraumeister (Damme) $14,688.80

*Players made a deal