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CardSpike is one of the newest online poker rooms out there today, being a skin on the widely respected Cake Poker Network.  However, things apparently are not adding up like they should and players are demanding that Cake, or someone, does something about the new site, and fast.

Rumors are circulating throughout the web that players aren’t receiving the payouts CardSpike owes them.  On forums, such as 2+2, members have posted warnings to others to stay away from the site.  Apparently, CardSpike has notified players that the expected time for payouts is six to eight weeks, when it says three to five on their site.  But players are not holding their breath.

There is a long list of complaints against CardSpike on the Poker Affiliate Program Arbitration Request forum.  Some of them come from affiliates asking why their players have yet to be paid – for three months!  The complaint thread dates to the beginning of December and discusses problems beginning as far back as November.

Hopefully the Poker Affiliate Program (PAP), the Casino Affiliate Programs (CAP), or the Cake Network will do something soon to correct the errors at CardSpike.  Perhaps the existence of CardSpike will be short-lived.  They have only been on the scene since the summer of 2008 and are already showing signs of money management issues and other internal problems.