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Earlier this year Carbon Poker decided to spice up the tables by adding their own Bad Beat Jackpot.  It has yet to be hit and is now looking very, very tempting for internet players everywhere.  As of tonight the jackpot is at $774,944 and growing fast.  Carbon Poker predicts that it will reach $800k by the end of the month if it is not hit first.

Carbon’s Bad Beat Jackpot currently has the lowest qualifying bad beat hand on the net.  You must have quad 7’s or better and lose the hand to win your share of the jackpot.   The loser of the hand wins 35% of the jackpot, the winner of the hand gets 17.5% and the rest is split amongst other players, Carbon Poker, and used to seed the next jackpot.  So if you’re feeling lucky, or unlucky, your take could be over $270,000.  Just head over to Carbon Poker and be sure to play on their Bad Beat Jackpot tables.