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Yesterday, a Ladbrokes Poker player was celebrating an improbable Bad Beat that brought a $95,833.17 windfall his way. ‘Brockbiers’ from Finland stood to win $95 if his Quad Jacks held up on a $0.50/£1.00, ten seater Bad Beat table.  However, his hand was beaten by a Straight flush and the Bad Beat Jackpot was activated. His loss quickly turned into a massive win, which increased his cash payout by over 1000%.  Other players dealt into the hand were all awarded nearly $6,000.

‘Brockbiers’, who was still reeling from the result hours later, just couldn’t believe his luck, he’s only been playing online with Ladbrokes Poker since January, so the win is a great kick-start to his bankroll – which has also benefitted from two boosts for ranking in the top 3500 players on the monthly, Ladbrokes Poker Million Dollar Rake Race which began again a few days ago!

This is the second time in just a few months that Ladbrokes Poker players have benefited from the Bad Beat Jackpot.   In March two players, one of which had Quad Queens and the other Quad Aces, were awarded $81,000 and $40,000 respectively for what in other circumstances would have been a terrible Bad Beat story with the WSOP just around the corner, (Ladbrokes Poker is running the last of the Freerolls on Monday 8th June and the weekly finals on Wednesday 10th), the team are hopeful that the players have got all of their Bad Beats out of the way!

Kate McLennan Head of Ladbrokes Poker commented:  “I guess this is one Bad Beat story that people won’t mind listening to.  It is quite difficult to activate the Bad Beat Jackpot.  The losing hand must contain four of a kind, four or more players must be dealt into the hand, the hand must go to a showdown and the best hand of the winner and the loser must include both hole cards.  So for our players to win the BB jackpot on more than one occasion in less than three months is quite a feat. Our players are seemingly getting a disproportionate amount of Bad Beats, but luckily it’s on the right tables!”


Twenty four hours after his beloved football team Everton suffered a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Chelsea, avid Toffee supporter Woz101 tears of despair turned to tears of joy as he celebrated a £17,000 win on

In a case of life imitating art,  against all odds, the twenty six year old  Everton fan, beat over 1000 players  just falling short of ultimate victory, by coming second in the weekly, $150,000 guaranteed Sunday online poker tournament.

Woz101 from Liverpool, Merseyside, who bought into the tournament for £25 said:  “Everton may have been beaten on Saturday, but over the course of the season it’s been an overall  victory for the team.  I view my placing second, the same way.  I’ve only been playing for over a year and was up against much more experienced and skilled players, so to get this far and win £17,000 amazing!”

Woz101 who’s been working on getting his own business off the ground – is due to launch an online gaming portal called The European Gaming Championship this Friday and  plans to invest his winnings in further development.  EGC allows  gamers to challenge each other to  football matches and other games on consoles such as Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation and the PC over the internet.

He now has his sights set firmly on trying to qualify with Ladbrokes Poker for the WSOP, the biggest and richest poker tournament in the world held annually in Las Vegas.  Last years winner entered with Ladbrokes and at 22 won just over $7 million dollars.  Even if Woz101  came second he still would stand to win around $6 million dollars.

Make sure you are aware of all these great promotions only available at Ladbrokes Poker…you could make the news!

Loving The Deepstacks…- By Jon “skalie” Kalmar (UK Sponsored Pro)

My favourite events (and my best results) are any event with lots of chips and a long clock.

The World Series Of Poker Main Event springs to mind with 20,000 starting chips and 2 hour levels. Patience can be rewarded and so can aggressive play, provided you sit back when things go wrong. With deep starting stacks you will get chances to recover which you are unlikely to get in other events. In most events, your 1st bad beat or error can be your last.

Other great structures are, as mentioned the WSOP main event, the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo and the WPT, especially the 5 Stars WPT Final in April at the Bellagio, Las Vegas.

Now with buys in at $10,000, 10,000euros and $25,000 respectively these are not the sort of tournaments anyone can just have a bash at, they are just beyond the realms of possibility for most people – even a successful pro. Lately, sponsors have been seen to tighten the purse strings and cut back on the players they put in these events. You could be lucky enough to satellite you way into these events but its still expensive and if you fail its money down the drain. On top of the buy in you have the nose bleed expenses of getting to Vegas or simply buying a drink in Monte Carlo.

There are now some great alternatives. have just launched a brilliantly named promotion – skalie’s Sunday Deepstack! You can join me every Sunday at 16.00hrs for some great online poker. The structure is fantastic and there are plenty of satellites for those who find the $109 buy in too high. Ladbrokes are also adding some great offline prizes as part of the league system that is attached to the promotion.

The first live events I put in my calendar this year are the DTD festivals in Nottingham that are part of the ‘Grand Slam of Poker’ and unless something serious stops me, I will playing each one. Once again, fantastic structured tournaments that allow for some great poker. The details are as follows:

The “Main Event” £250k Guaranteed
27th – 31st May, £1000 + £75 No Limit Holdem Freezeout, 20,000 Chips and 2hr clock
The event is capped at 405 players.

The “Monte Carlo” £250k Guaranteed
23rd – 27th September
£1000 + £75 No Limit Holdem Freezeout, 15,000 Chips and 90min clock
The event is capped at 405 players

The “Bellagio” £500k Guaranteed
16th – 20th December, £2000 + £150 No Limit Holdem Freezeout, 50,000 chips and 90min clock
The event is capped at 405 players

Mimicking the structures of the illustrious named events – they will be great to play and give players a chance to experience what its like in these superb structured tournaments. With each event guaranteeing its prize money, they are most certainly worth playing. Anyone who played the December festival there will tell you what a success it was, and with the average chip count at the end of each day of the main event being around 80 big blinds, you can tell its far from a crap shoot and many a skilled player went deep.

So, Nottingham may not have the glitz of Las Vegas nor the glamour of Monte Carlo, but to be frank if you go deep in the events (which lets face it its why you are there) you get to see little of what those cities have to offer, even if you can afford it.

As you may not be aware Dusk till Dawn (DTD) was Britain’s first official ‘poker only’ venue fully licensed to hold such events, and it doesn’t have the temptations on offer many of us succumb to in casinos.

If the buy ins are still beyond your bankroll, satellites are held at the club regularly so check their site for details.

If you fancy playing against me online, you can find me playing at