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For some time, poker’s best chance of legalization has come in the form of Democratic Representative Barney Frank. Over the last 12 months he has introduced a number of bills designed to topple the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and, reports have surfaced on Reuters that his latest effort will go before government in the coming month.

During less turbulent times Frank made the legalization and regulation of poker one of his top priorities. Although his first bill was unsuccessful, the attempt that followed looked to be on the road to success – having been voted on and approved by the House of Representatives. However, as Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, he was tasked with overseeing numerous government attempts to rescue the ailing U.S. economy. This, coupled with the change in administration, resulted in the bill never making it before Congress.

However, with the latest stimulus package out of the way, Frank has once again put legalizing online poker at the top of his list of priorities. In a recent speech he committed to, among other things, begin again his challenge of the UIGEA. It may be no surprise then to hear a source close Frank say that “the bill introduction should happen in the next month,” and have that same source confirming that “Mr. Frank will bring back legislation to repeal the UIGEA.”

How similar this new offering will be to his moderately successful previous effort is as yet unknown. However, with his financial know-how and prime political position, you can be sure that it stands a good chance of returning poker to the world of legality.