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bwin is adding a special bonus to their prize pools: bragging rights.

Every Monday, they will recognize a new national champion in their Weekly Country Showdown. It’s not an official title, of course, but if you win one of these tournaments you will know that you defeated every other online player in the country that week. Win, and you will know that you are one of the best players in your country.

As a $3 + $.30 re-buy tournament, the entrance fee is small enough for any player but big enough for some real payoff. Every nation on the list has its own special tournament that only players in that country can buy into. For example, if you live in Norway you would join the “Norwegian Weekly.” The events take place every Monday at 21:00 and can be found under the “Scheduled Tournaments” menu at the top of the bwin client.

Do you think you have what it takes to bust out a country of players? Do you want to see what it feels like to be the best for a week? Check out the country schedule below to find your country’s event.

Germany: Manic Monday
France: Lundi rebuy
Greece: Greek Poker Mondays (22:00 Local time)
Spain: Spanish Monday gambler
Portugal: Portuguese Monday Special
Czech Rep./Slovakia: Cesko-Slovensky special
Hungary: Magyar verseny
Austria: Montags-Special
Switzerland: Montags-Special
Balkan: Balkan Weekly
Belgium: Belgium guaranteed
Denmark: Ugentlig turnering garanteret
United Kingdom: UK Weekly
Russian Federation: Russian Weekly
Poland: Gorączka poniedziałkowej nocy!
South America: Locura de Lunes?
Baltics: Baltic Manic Monday
Canada: Canadian Weekly
Netherlands: Netherlands Weekly
Sweden: Veckoturnering gtd
Norway: Norwegian Weekly
Finland: Finnish Weekly
Oceania: Oceanic Weekly

If you don’t have an account on bwin, click on our link and check out their client. Sign up today, and you could be the next weekly champion!