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FTOPS 11, a 6-max turbo quadruple shootout with 1,102 players and $330,600 prize pool ended with a decisive victory for BegsClutch. BegsClutch defeated kiwid10 on the final table when kiwid shoved with AKo and BegsClutch called with pocket aces.

The Full Tilt Pros generally busted out early in this event, with only Marco Liesy finishing in the money. The biggest names in the event, Chris Ferguson and Erick Lindgren, finished 832nd and 629th. The final table consisted of former FTOPS winner Julian Verse, winner BegsClutch, second place finisher kiwid10, mid-stakes cash game player Xaston, da_professional, and jambeyang.

Julian Verse took an early lead by winning two pots in a row against Xaston, but his stack dwindled as BegsClutch won several small to medium-sized pots in rapid succession. First blood was drawn by kiwid10, who took most of jambeyang’s stack in a big hand:

Blinds: 4000/8000 ante 1000
Julian Verse: UTG + 1 with 461,880 chips
kiwid: Button with 393,150 chips
jambeyang: Big Bling with 405,150 chips
Julian Verse opens for 16,000
kiwid10 calls
jambeyang raises to 49,000
Julian Verse folds
kiwid10 calls

Flop: As 10c 3s
jambeyang bets 55,000
kiwid10 calls

Turn: Jc
jambeyang checks
kiwid10 bets 234,000
jambeyang raises to 300,150
kiwid10 calls

River: 5d
jambeyang shows Ac10h for two pair, aces and tens
kiwid10 shows AsJs for two pair, aces and jacks
kiwid10 wins 810,300

jambeyang was the first to bust when he lost the rest of his stack to BegsClutch. da_professional was next when he shoved AJo from the big blind against kiwid10 in the small blind, who called and won with AQs. This took his stack to nearly one million.

Players all around the table won small or medium pots, and then BegsClutch won a large pot when he 3Bet on the button against Julian Verse. Verse shoved over his raise with AJo, and BegsClutch called with pocket queens to win a 806,968 pot, leaving Julian Verse with under 75,000. Julian Verse busted out a few hands later when he went all-in with KJo against BegsClutch, who held K8s but flopped two 8’s for a set.

BegsClutch continued his spree with winning a massive pot against kiwid10, who failed to bluff:

Blinds 10,000/20,000 ante 2,500
BegsClutch is SB with 935,094
kiwid10 is BB with 920,081
Xaston folds
BegsClutch opens for 49,275
kiwid10 calls

Flop: 4c 2c 2h
BegsClutch bets 65,675
kiwid10 calls

Turn: 10c
BegsClutch checks
kiwid10 bets 142,075
BegsClutch calls

River: 7h
BegsClutch checks
kiwid10 bets 310,750
BegsClutch calls

kiwid10 shows KhQh for one pair
BegsClutch shows 3c10d for two pair
BegsClutch wins 1,143,050

Kiwid10 was left with nearly 350,000, but doubled up the very next hand. He called a min 3bet from the small blind against Xaston on the big blind. Flop was 10c 8c 10h. Xaston bet, kiwid10 shoved, Xaston called. Xaston held the better hand with pocket aces, but lost to kiwid10, who held QJ and hit a gutshot draw on the turn.

Xaston busted with his aces, so only BegsClutch and kiwid10 remained. They each won a pot of around 500,000 and continued to trade chips until the final hand. BegsClutch was on the button with 1,552,529 chips and kiwid10 held 651,471 chips, with blinds at 30,000/60,000 ante 4,000. BegsClutch minraised to open. In a climactic finish, kiwid10 shoved with AKo, and BegsClutch called with AA.

BegsClutch won the event for a $57,855 prize. kiwid10 was lucky to finish second for $36,366. Xaston finished third with $24,199. The buy-in to the event was $300 + $22.