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Following a bad run of cards with playing on Full Tilt Poker over a month ago along with a reported loss of over $6 million, David Benyamine announced that he’d had enough of Full Tilt and vowed that he would never return.  However, Benyamine was spotted making a return to the Full Tilt tables over the festive period during the early hours on Saturday. 

As soon as Benyamine sat down at a 100/ 200 No Limit Hold’em up table, the table filled up instantly.  He was also spotted on a $100/200 PLO game and $1000/2000 H.O.R.S.E game.  


This can be seen as a very timely return by Benyamine and a great boost for Full Tilt as they have been struggling to fill up the High stakes No Limit Hold’em up games lately.  And it is no coincidence that wherever Benyamine goes, other players follow.  This demonstrates the appeal that these big players have on the table and hopefully he will continue playing as he is certainly a great attraction for all railbirds and players alike.