bet365 is preparing to kick off the coming winter with a bang. The online gaming giant is currently offering qualifying tournaments which could net users a trip to the prestigious Irish Winter Festival, set to take place between the 29th and 31st of October.

bet365 is offering several levels of buy-ins, with the lowest weighing in at just €2. The players who manage to climb through the brackets will find themselves, “jetting off to the center of cosmopolitan Dublin and staying at the Burlington Hotel,” according to a company press release.

In total, the coveted Main Event package will net €1,800 for its eventual winners. The math breaks down like this – €1,000 for the tournament buy-in plus €670, bet365 says, “for four nights’ accommodation, travel and spending in Dublin.”

This is just the latest in a long and exciting list of promotions from this up and coming poker company. Already known as one of the best names in the European poker business, bet365 has upped their game considerably since the crippling of Full Tilt Poker. As such, they have managed to amass a considerable amount of new users, due in large part to their excellent bonus and event offers.