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Gambling is one of the world’s oldest pastimes and is becoming increasingly popular to this day because it’s so much fun. The advent of the internet and the introduction of online casinos such as made it easy for everybody in the world to have a bit of a flutter from the comfort of their own home, and now thanks to the latest advances in mobile phone technology, bet365 Casino is even offering you the chance to play from anywhere on the go, using your cell phone.

Whether you’re from the United Kingdom or somewhere abroad, the chances are that if you enjoy online gambling then you’ve heard of bet365. They’re one of the world’s leading online gambling companies and their casino provides top-notch games, service and security, making them many people’s favourite place to play online. They offer an awesome range of promotions, so if you haven’t already checked them out them definitely go ahead and do so, as you’re in for a great deal of fun and a lot of action.

As if playing from the comfort of your own home wasn’t convenient enough, thanks to bet365’s latest innovation you’ll be able to play on your mobile phone, wherever you are. While you probably won’t get coverage in the tube, anywhere that your mobile phone works is now your own personal casino, so you can forget ever being bored again while waiting around, be it in traffic, for a bus or at the dentist’s office. There’s no need to create a new account as your old bet365 account (and funds!) works in both the download casino and mobile casino.

While they don’t offer the entire range of games that their Download Casino boasts, there’s still an excellent selection and you shouldn’t get bored any time soon. The fun on offer ranges from table games like blackjack and roulette to a bunch of slot games – some with progressive jackpots – right through to fun games like bingo and keno. You can’t add a new payment method from your mobile phone for security reasons, but once you’re logged in you are free to use any of your existing payment methods to top up your account while on the go, so there’s no chance that you’ll ever have to miss out on the action, even for a second!

This isn’t some fancy application that requires the latest smartphone that feels more like a computer than a mobile, either. The list of supported phones is extremely extensive – too extensive to go over, in fact, but I can tell you that I haven’t bought a new phone in about four years, and yet my trusty brick is firmly amongst those supported by bet365’s mobile casino. If that’s not enough to convince you that most all phone’s will work, then you scan the full list of compatible phones on the bet365 casino website.

It truly is a great world that we live in, where technology is able to fill in even the tiniest of moments. We’ve all gotten used to the internet and almost take it for granted these days, but it’s advances in technology like bet365’s new mobile casino that remind us that there are still people out there pushing the envelope and reaching for an ever new and exciting world. While gambling might not be everyone’s first consideration when they think of the advancements in technology, I for one am glad that we’re not being left behind.