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Fans of the iPoker network know all about bet365. The UK based gambling company has made a name for itself over the past several years, covering everything from sports betting to poker. After the recent shakeup on the internet gaming scene, the company is attempting to draw devotees of the later game into taking a shot at their tables.

Starting now, the company is offering a 200% up to $1,000 offer for all new players. While this may at first appear similar to their standard promotion, the details have undergone a significant switch.

Funds will be unlocked in the usual way, though at a reduced rate for bet365. While the previous requirements for each $10 bonus increment had been set at 1,200 MP, the new system is set to unlock the same monetary amount after an even 1,000 MP.

But bet365 has further plans in the works. According to a report from the company, there are plans to implement a $10,000 bonus offer to players from FlopTurnRiver who choose to opt in. Further details on this particular bonus are scarce, but it appears as though they may be paid over a series of freerolls.

Now, more than ever,” said a bet365 representative, “it is important that players work with an operator that is solid.”

With bonus offers such as this, it appears as if the company means to stand by its users.