The holiday season typically sees people deplete their bankrolls for gifts, travel and other expenses, but you may be able to replenish your funds with the Winter Warrior event. bet365 is giving away more than €100,000 to poker players for completing certain missions and objectives. From Nov. 28 to Jan. 1, play the poker games you love to qualify for daily and weekly freerolls where you can win cash and rewards vouchers.

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Participate in bet365 Poker's Winter Warrior


The centerpiece of Winter Warrior lies in completing missions to get freeroll entries. There are missions to undertake every day and also ones that you have a whole week to finish.

Mini Warrior Missions

Every day, you’ll be able to choose between two missions to accept. These missions vary based on the day of the week, i.e., all Mondays during the promo period will have the same two missions as will all Tuesdays, Wednesdays, et cetera.

You must go to the Missions section of the poker software and opt into the mission of your choice. Upon your doing so, the other mission will become unavailable to you.

Most of the missions consist of easily achievable targets, such as, “Win a Twister Sit & Go with a buy-in of €5 or more,” and, “Be dealt any of the following as your hole cards on a cash game table: T-T, J-J, Q-Q, K-K or A-A.” You must play at stakes of €0.05/€/.10 or higher on No Limit Hold’em or Speed tables for your cash-game action to count. Six Plus Hold’em is also allowed except for Mission One on Thursdays and Saturdays. Play on Omaha tables is only valid for missions on Thursdays.

Once you successfully complete a mission, you’ll receive a Mini Warrior freeroll ticket.

Pro Warrior Missions

Two Pro Warrior missions are available every week, and, unlike with the Mini Warrior Missions, you can complete them both. The missions are the same every week:

  • Play three Mini Warrior Freerolls
  • Deposit/Transfer €20 or more to your Poker account

Remember to click “Start” in the Missions section of the poker client so that your progress towards these missions will be recorded. Once you’re done with a Pro Warrior Mission, you’ll get a Pro Warrior Freeroll ticket.


All the freeroll tickets you earn as part of Winter Warrior will be for all-in shootout tourneys, which means everyone will automatically put their chips into the pot every hand until a winner is determined. Thus, there’s no reason for you to be physically present to play as long as you remember to register in time.

Mini Warrior Freerolls

The Mini Warrior Freerolls are being held every day at 20:00 GMT. The prize pools from Nov. 28 – Dec. 25 consist of €1,000 in cash awards. From Dec. 26 through the end of the promotional timeframe, these daily freerolls will see their prize pools boosted to €2,500, including a €500 voucher for first place.

You can only enter a given Mini Warrior freeroll a single time, so don’t let your earned entries pile up beyond the number of freerolls remaining.

Pro Warrior Freerolls

The weekly freerolls take place every Sunday at 20:30 GMT. The three tourneys on Dec. 4, 11 and 18 will give away €5,000 in cash prizes apiece. The freerolls on Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 will pay out €25,000 each with the winner receiving a €5,000 voucher.

You can use up to two entries in a single Pro Warrior Freeroll. Double your chances of victory!

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Elite Warrior Milestones

Running throughout the month of December, Elite Warrior is a way to receive cash payments depending on the level of your play in the poker room. Remember to navigate to the “Start” button in the relevant section of the poker lobby so that you can participate.

bet365 will track the amount of rake and tournament fees you pay. At the end of the month, you’ll qualify for a prize based upon your total. €500 in rake + fees is good for €50 placed into your account while the top figure of €1,000 will be yours if you can accumulate €10,000 in tourney fees and cash game rake during December.

You’ll have to log into your bet365 account within seven days of the end of Elite Warrior. Otherwise, your prize will be forfeit.

Prize Vouchers

You may have noticed that we mentioned mysterious “vouchers” as something you can win in some of the freerolls. Well, you don’t have to remain in doubt because we’ll go over the details of these vouchers here. Every voucher can be redeemed through the Initial Rewards website.

€5,000 Voucher

The €5,000 voucher entitles the recipient to a holiday package consisting of flights, accommodations, transfers and excursions. You won’t get the difference back if you don’t spend it all, so take the time to craft the vacation of your dreams!

€500 Voucher

If you’re lucky enough to score a €500 voucher, then you can trade it in for any one of the following:

  • GoPro HERO 5
  • iPad mini 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • PlayStation 4 1TB + FIFA17 + wireless headphones
  • HP x2 210 notebook
  • XBox One S 1TB + FIFA 17 + headphones

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