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Due to a massive upswing in internet traffic, bet365 has announced that they will be implementing a new high-speed fiber internet network. According to a company release, they have selected London-based Geo Networks as their provider and manager for this latest leap forward.

This new network (which some estimates have valued as high as £3,000,000) will allow bet365’s casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks to operate at an incredible130Gbps by its late-2011 launch date. Transmission rates will only increase from there, once optimization is complete.

“As player numbers continue to grow,” said bet365 Networks and Security Head Neil Selby, “we must find innovative ways to make sure our infrastructure can meet the demand today and the growth we anticipate in the future.We needed a robust and low latency network that could provide a seamless service to the hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously online, each of whom rightfully expect their odds information and, of course, their winnings to be readily available.”

Geo Networks, for their part, is equally excited for what will be their first foray into the online gaming market. Their blueprints for the new network offer up some impressive stats, including latency of less than three milliseconds and scaling of up to a terabit’s-worth of capacity.

“With experience in providing dedicated fibre networks for some of the most data intensive organisations in the UK,” said CEO Chris Smedley, “Geo Networks will ensure that bet365 will have the capacity to provide its players with uninterrupted access to online services and the infrastructure to react to peaks in demand.”