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Many places online have been talking about a recent exploit in Betfair Poker’s website allowing all players in a tournament to receive excessive payouts in certain all-in situations. A good chunk of players jumped on this glitch and took Betfair Poker for hundreds of thousands of dollars by the end of the night.

The glitch was in the sit-and-go tournaments and players immediately began registering for the 1,000$ six-pack sit-and-go’s. Everybody would go all-in on the first hand which paid out the first prize to the winner and the 2nd place winnings to everyone else at the table.

Players took advantage of this for a while and once the glitch was noticed started pulling funds out. Some got away, but many did not once Betfair was able to take control of the situation again.

Emails were sent out to all the players involved stating that a glitch occurred and all the money would need to be returned.

Situations like this can be scary for the small time poker player. It raises questions about how secure any of these sites can be. It can create worry about how safe the money they deposit really is and if they’ll be able to get it back when the time comes. Fortunately for everyone, most online sites aren’t having these glitches and when they do happen, the situation is resolved quickly.