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Big Bet Poker is continuing to make a huge splash on the online poker industry. This month they are giving away $15,000 in Rake Chase money as well as Aussie Millions satellite tickets. This is on top of the huge initial deposit bonus and rakeback offered through FlopTurnRiver. Winning a piece of this prize is as easy as sitting at the tables and grinding out hands.

Instead of a standard “rake race,” that most poker rooms have, Big Bet Poker has chosen to have a $15,000 Rake Chase. Big Bet Poker has set rake requirements that players must try and generate to earn a huge cash prize. This means that players will be racing to be the first to reach the top prize. If they are one of the first 75 players to reach the $50 in rake milestone, an Aussie Millions satellite coupon will be in their possession. This can potentially become a huge payday at the 2011 Aussie Millions in Melbourne, Australia. There will be a total of $15,000 given away to players taking part in this huge promotion. As players continue to climb the rake ladder, they will collect prizes along the way. For example, the first 65 players to reach the $100 rake tier will be awarded $12. Those players that continue on and are among the first 50 to generate $175 in rake will win an extra $20. This turns out to be $32 for raking $175 which is quite a good amount of money back. As players climb further up the ladder, the percentage given back becomes even greater. The first player to reach the $15,000 Rake Requirement gets a staggering $10,227 back in cash prizes AND an Aussie Millions satellite coupon. That amounts to 68.18% given back in prizes!

Big Bet Poker’s Rake Chase promotion is truly amazing in and of itself. However, signing up for Big Bet Poker also entails a huge 150% initial deposit bonus worth up to $1000! Big Bet Poker has actually teamed up with FlopTurnRiver to give FTR members an exclusive 21% cashback deal! With this amazing Rake Chase going on in November and such a huge initial deposit bonus, this is the perfect time to join Big Bet Poker!