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FlopTurnRiver has seen a copy of a Full Tilt Press Release that says the site is going to be shaking things up with some big changes including:

  • The return of the Black Card Program, which will allow holders to gain up to 40% Rake Back and convert FTPs into cash instantly
  • A “VIP Amnesty” to allow players to transition to Full Tilt without having to grind up from the bottom again
  • 6 Month Sponsorship Contracts to the best players on the site

This new program will offer Black Card holders the option to convert all earned Full Tilt points (FTPs) into cash instantly at full value. This can mean players can earn up to an equivalent of 40% Rake back each week.

During the month of April, it will also be possible for players to “jump ship” to Full Tilt, and keep the VIP status they’ve earned elsewhere. The press release quoted Sarne Lightman, the Head of Marketing at Full Tilt as saying:

“We understand that players have put many hours, weeks and sometimes months into earning their VIP status on other sites while unable to play on Full Tilt Poker… The amnesty will allow them to trial our Edge Rewards and Black Card programs at the equivalent level and see for themselves the superior benefits their play level offers at Full Tilt Poker.”

The process to transfer over your earned VIP status to Full Tilt seems pretty easy. All you need to do is send over some photographic evidence, such as a screenshot showing your VIP status on the other site, to along with your Full Tilt account name. they will then handle the upgrade to the equivalent level.

The other big news is a very interesting take on Sponsorship contracts. Full Tilt are opening these to competition, and are going to be offering 6 month contracts to the best players in their fields, whether they be Cash, Sit & Go or Tournament. These contracts will be awarded based on a set of performance criteria that Full Tilt are hoping to set after consultation with the players themselves.

“Over the next few weeks we will be reaching out to the poker community to help us design these
performance metrics”, said Sarne Lightman. “We want the players
who will be competing for sponsorship to design the measurement systems for their performance, and
we will then reward the best players.”

These contracts will be issued every 6 months, and players will need to continue to be at the top of their game in order to keep their patch. It seems a good deal for Full Tilt, as the players who win the contracts will have to continue to win in order to represent their brand.

With players being able to gain the sponsorship and patches that have been so prized in the past through a meritocratic system, this could lead to come interesting, and unexpected, people joining the ranks of the sponsored Full Tilt team.

These changes do seem to indicate that Full Tilt may be moving away from their more recreational player marketing model, and could be a response to the recent drop in players numbers at the site. They have recently dropped to 4th in the league of cash player traffic, according to

If you don’t have a Full Tilt account yet, you can sign up for one here which lets you take advantage of both the offer above, and the exclusive FTR welcome bonus.