Bodog Poker has added a couple of new features to their online poker room. Bodog Poker is known for its soft gameplay due to players crossing over from the sportsbook & online casino and trying their luck at poker. The abundance of recreational players on their poker site makes this game a feast for poker sharks. Bodog Poker has just added two new features that cater to the recreational player.

On many of the poker shows on television, viewers may notice that a player will sometimes show one or both of his hole cards when he is not required to do so. This move is usually made to get into the head of his opponent. Most of the time, showing one or both hole cards was kept for live gameplay. However, Bodog Poker has changed this by allowing players to show one or two of their hole cards after they fold. This caters to the recreational player that likes to play poker as they see on television.

Bodog Poker has made another change to their software though it is quite a small one. Everyone who watches poker sees the excitement and mystique of the final table. Bodog Poker has added new graphics exclusively to the final table to make reaching the final table extra special. Hopefully some of FlopTurnRiver’s members will reach this final table to report on the exclusive glitz and glamour of Bodog’s new final table.