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BovadaBodog has recently introduced its version of fast-fold poker – Zone Poker. Ever since Full Tilt introduced Rush Poker early in 2010, this type of poker has become popular with players, since it allows them to fold hands they don’t like and immediately receive a new hand after being moved to a new table.

The way it works is that players don’t sit at a specific table. Instead, they enter a player pool for a certain game format and stake level. All the players in the pool are randomly assigned tables and seats. Whenever anyone folds, he instantly is moved to a new table, which deals a hand as soon as it is full. Thus, players don’t have to wait around after they fold for hands to be completed.

Bodog has introduced Zone poker only at $.02/$.05 and $.05/$.10 blind levels, in No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha formats. They are undoubtedly waiting to see how it performs and work out any bugs before expanding the range of offerings. Currently, players can only enter a single pool once, although this might change in the future.

Bovada Lobby Showing Zone Poker Player Pools

Bovada Lobby Showing Zone Poker Player Pools

Fast-fold poker variants are common at many poker sites and networks around the world. In the United States, however, they have not been offered by any major site since Full Tilt Poker left the market on Black Friday in April 2011. Now, through Bodog’s US-facing skin Bovada, US players can finally experience the action-filled fast pace that this type of poker offers.

To get a closer look at this exciting style of poker at Bovada, click here to download the software and start playing.