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If the chance to play for poker stardom and millions of dollars isn’t the ultimate adrenaline rush already, Bodog is offering its WSOP qualifiers three once in a lifetime experiences guaranteed to get their hearts pounding and palms sweating before hitting the tables at the WSOP Main Event.

As a Team Bodog WSOP Main Event qualifier, players will get to pick from one of three high-octane “VIP Days” that include driving a high-performance Corvette full throttle around the Spring Mountain Motorsports racetrack, firing off an arsenal of firepower (including machine guns) at the Las Vegas Gun and Paintball Range and being whisked away to the Grand Canyon on a private helicopter tour. All this on top of the chance to experience Las Vegas in true Bodog style, including having your own personal handler, access to private parties and events and hanging with the beautiful Bodog Girls.

Time to get in on this opportunity of a lifetime is running short as the 2008 WSOP Main Event is only two weeks away. Qualifiers are running daily in the Bodog Poker room for as little as $1.50, and at least six $12,000 WSOP Main Event prize packages are guaranteed every week, two of which are awarded every Sunday in the Main Event Semifinal at 3:15 p.m. E.S.T, regardless of how many players enter.

Don’t let this opportunity get away! Win your seat today at Bodog Poker:

Get the lowdown on Bodog Poker’s three VIP Days options:

VIP Day 1 (July 4) – Celebrate Independence Day with the ultimate high-octane thrill of driving race cars at the Racetrack Club House of Spring Mountain Motorsports

Auto-x with team challenge
Each participant will suit up and get behind the wheel of a high-power Corvette, tackling an exiting race course one at a time. Each WSOP Qualifier will get at least three runs on the track.

Hot Laps with a pro driver
Sit alongside a professional driver in a 505 horsepower ZO-6 Corvette and blast three laps around a 2.2 mile road racing circuit. The ultimate high-speed thrill ride.

High Power Go-karts
These aren’t your everyday go-karts; these are high performance racing machines capable of speeds of up to 80MPH driven on a 1.2 mile road racing circuit.

Lunch in the Members Clubhouse
After a day of racing, enjoy a relaxing light lunch at a first class facility with a pool, as well as poker and pool tables.

VIP Day 2 (July 5) – Let it all out at the Las Vegas Gun and Paintball Range

Heavy Firepower
Nothing lets off steam quite like squeezing off a few rounds, and VIP Day 2 is all about guns, guns and more guns as WSOP qualifiers will get to test out a veritable arsenal of firepower.

Weapon of Choice
Shoot four different machine guns with one magazine each, five rounds with a 12 gauge shotgun and 15 rounds with a 9mm handgun.

New Threads
Shoot up a Las Vegas Gun Range shirt and keep it for the wall at home.

Desert Eagle Competition
Compete with other Bodog WSOP qualifiers Dirty Harry style in a shooting competition with two rounds from a Desert Eagle and the winner receiving a Vegas Gun Range hat.

Paintball Carnage
Once qualifiers have had a chance to hone their skills on the range, they get to put their aim to the ultimate test with an all-out indoor paintball war!

VIP Day 3 (July 6) – Check out the Grand Canyon on a VIP Helicopter tour

A Birds Eye View
Fly over the Mohabi desert and enjoy astounding aerial views of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. It’s a view like no other.

Canyon Snacking
The chopper will land on the floor of the Grand Canyon for half-an-hour for a light snack and drink.

A Whole New Way to Cruise the Strip
On the chopper ride back to Vegas, WSOP qualifiers will take in a whole new view by buzzing the famed Las Vegas strip.

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