May is here which means that Bodog’s leaderboard for April has come to a completion. To see what monthly leaderboard winners receive for their accomplishments, please click here. To see the winners of April’s leaderboard, please keep reading!

When we left off last week, bigboat21 had a slight lead over UFPokerStar on the monthly board. TheHesse wasn’t too far behind in third place, thanks to a great previous week of tournaments. Let’s see where these players ended up when April was said and done.

1. bigboat21 – 4733 pts
2. TheHesse – 4718 pts
3. alienface – 4591 pts
4. UFPokerStar – 4443 pts
5. andyvanslyke – 4137 pts
6. vinnyb9 – 3833 pts
7. nevertilt22 – 3828 pts
8. JessDSL – 3822 pts
9. Old Man Coyote – 3772 pts
10. daisyxoxo – 3744 pts

Congratulations to bigboat21, whose April tournament results has earned him a Monthly TLB Winners Players Choice Freeroll Entry, not to mention supreme bragging rights. bigboat stayed in the top spot for most of this past week, and it looked like he was well on his way to becoming April’s winner. TheHesse came into the picture with only two days left to go and gave bigboat21 some trouble, however! On the very last day, bigboat21 was able to steal the top spot back just in time to win for the month. TheHesse tried to make things exciting at the end, and although he was not able to keep first place, he did move up one spot from last week and ended up in second place this week. UFPokerStar was unable to retain his top three position and he slid from second place to end up in fourth place for the month. alienface climbed up a couple spot and took his place in second.

Another familiar name is that of andyvanslyke, who managed to keep his place in the top ten for April. He even moved up a spot from 6th place last week to 5th place this week. vinnyb9 did quite well this past week, moving up three spots from 9th to 6th. nevertilt22, JessDSL, and Old Man Coyote all moved up to the top ten from below in the standings this past week. Finally, daisyxoxo rounded out the top ten with a 10th place finish. Interestingly, he finished in 10th spot for March’s leaderboard too.

Let’s take a look at this week’s weekly leaderboard now:

1. alienface – 1148 pts
2. bigboat21 – 1028 pts
3. UFgator83 – 914 pts
4. FLUSH634 – 847 pts
5. nevertilt22 – 842 pts
6. flushdraw09 – 812 pts
7. bigfishKrAm311 – 787 pts
8. TheHesse – 782 pts
9. ChadBroChil1 – 771 pts
10. PicassoOFpoker – 763 pts

The weekly leaderboard is great because it gives us a chance to see how certain players may have moved up in the standings. Obviously bigboat21 had a great week of tournaments, enabling him to keep the top spot for most of the week and end up in first place when it mattered (at the end of the month). alienface is on top of the weekly leaderboard right now, but we’ll see if he can hold on to his spot. Notice that UFPokerStar isn’t in the top ten for this week’s leaderboard. In fact, he wasn’t even in the top 50! This is a huge reason why he couldn’t keep his second place spot on the monthly leaderboard – his past week just hasn’t been that impressive. Perhaps he will have a better showing this coming week.

To see where I got the data for this article, feel free to click here. If you’re interested in seeing the leaderboard standings from any other time this past week, please visit the Bodog network page: Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week to talk about a brand new month for the Bodog leaderboard.