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I’m back for my weekly leaderboard report, but plans have changed and I’ll be writing about Bodog this week, instead. If you are interested in the UB leaderboard, please see givememyleg’s blog on Wednesdays from now on because I am now in charge of covering Bodog.

givememyleg introduced the Bodog Tournament Leaderboard here, so please take a look if you are not acquainted with it yet.

The last time givememyleg wrote, he documented the winners of the March leaderboard. rusostreet was the top ranked Bodog player in March, and for his efforts, he won an entry into the Monthly TLB Winners Players Choice Freeroll (which will take place in January). With every monthly winner comes a new monthly race to the top, so let’s take a look to see how April’s leaderboard is looking so far.

Sitting at the top with 3452 points is UFPokerStar. He debuted in 31st place on April 3rd with 407 points, and since then his point total has absolutely soared. Not only is he sitting atop the leaderboard for the month so far, he is also leading this week’s weekly leaderboard with 1791 points over 12 tournaments. There’s only a couple more days left in the week, so we’ll see if he can hold on to win the week’s contest and earn the chance to play a Bodog pro for $1,000. And for your information, UFPokerStar was not one of the top 150 finishers on the leaderboard for March.

bigboat21 is second on the leaderboard behind UFPokerStar for both the month  so far (3165 points) and for this week (1307 points). alienface is third overall for the month with 2627 points, and Kevin Blackwood is third for the week with 1291 points. Kevin Blackwood sits 13th overall on the monthly leaderboard. Here’s a list of the top ten for the month so far:

1 UFPokerStar 3452 pts
2 bigboat21 3165 pts
3 alienface 2627 pts
4 thatsNice 2546 pts
5 daisyxoxo 2508 pts
6 TucoMandruco 2456 pts
7 Old Man Coyote 2418 pts
8 al0825 2331 pts
9 vinnyb9 2125 pts
10 uriahfaber 2061 pts

It’s always interesting to see how previous month’s winners fare in later months, so I did a search for rusostreet and found him in 88th place with 962 points. He’ll have a lot of work to do to catch up to UFPokerStar for a chance to win in April. No one is ever out of it, though – that’s the great thing about the Bodog leaderboard. Even if someone else is running away with the monthly leaderboard, there’s always a weekly leaderboard to win, instead.

Click here to see where I have pulled my data from for this article. If you are interested in the data from any other day in April, feel free to have a look at Bodog’s network page here:

Be sure to come back to my blog next Friday as I will, again, take a look at both the monthly and weekly leaderboards and see who is hot and who is cold in the world of tournaments at Bodog. It only takes a couple huge finishes to propel a player to the top, so it should be interested to see who will triumph!