It’s been a week since we last took a close look at the Bodog leaderboard, so we should expect to see some new names. Or should we? Let’s find out who’s been able to stand their ground and who’s lost their spots since last week.

Here’s how the April leaderboard looks now:

1. UFPokerStar – 4043 pts
2. bigboat21 – 3869 pts
3. alienface – 3453 pts
4. daisyxoxo – 3412 pts
5. thatsNice – 3084 pts
6. JessDSL – 2987 pts
7. andyvanslyke – 2920 pts
8. al0825 – 2869 pts
9. MOGREEN54 – 2829 pts
10. vinnyb9 – 2812 pts

Here’s the top ten for this week’s weekly leaderboard so far:

1. bigboat21 – 1,541 pts
2. Mr__Blonde – 1,262 pts
3. alienface – 1,149 pts
4. mr_dynomite – 1,110 pts
5. paparazzirob – 1,107 pts
6. StraightNutz – 1,037 pts
7. The Maven – 1,032 pts
8. moballs – 1,003 pts
9. krummster – 947 pts
10. andyvanslyke – 895 pts

There’s still a couple days left for players to earn points for the weekly leaderboard, but bigboat21 is doing pretty well for himself in first place with almost a 300 point lead over Mr__Blonde in second place. If bigboat21 can hold on to first place for a couple more days, he will win the chance to play David Williams, Evelyn Ng or Josh Arieh in a heads up Sit and Go freeroll for $1,000.

bigboat21’s successful week of tournaments has kept him near the top of the monthly leaderboard, as well, for he is still in second place overall for April. He has closed the gap ever so slightly between him and UFPokerStar, who is still first on the April leaderboard. alienface rounds out the top three. If you were to compare these rankings to those shown last week, you would see that there has not been a change in the top three at all. In fact, UFPokerStar has been holding the top spot on the montly leaderboard every day for the past 10 days. Before that, alienface held the top spot for most of April.

There was a little movement between spots 4 and 5 on the monthly board, though, with thatsNice dropping from 4th to 5th place this week and daisyxoxo moving up from 5th to take his spot in 4th place. Not that exciting, I know. How’s this for an interesting fact, then: over the past 30 days, thatsNice has held a top 10 spot on the monthly leaderboard for 23 of those days! That is an impressive feat.

JessDSL sits in 6th place at the moment, moving up 5 spots from last week. andyvanslyke is in 7th, up from 27th spot from last week, which is impressive! al0825 was in 8th spot last week so there is no change there. MOGREEN54 moved up to 9th place this week from 12th place, and vinnyb9 rounds out the top ten in 10th place, down from 9th place.

If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the rankings for this month, click here for the leaderboard data from today. As always, here is the Bodog network page in case you want to see some data from another day this past week:

The people sitting in the standings may not have changed much from last week, but the point totals are different and players are trying to close the gaps in an attempt to finish in first place on the Bodog leaderboard. Be sure to drop by again next week to see if UFPokerStar is able to hold first place or if someone below him can have a great run of donkaments to take his spot!