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It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Bodog Leaderboard update. Three weeks have gone by in August and the monthly leaderboard race is  intense as players rush to get as many points as possible during these last couple of weeks. There are big prizes up for grabs – to see what the players are racing for, please click here.

First things first – here were the weekly leaderboard winners from last week:

1. Swany420 – 1633 pts
2. TonySoprano – 1542 pts
3. nevertilt22 – 1530 pts

Congratulations to Swany420 for winning the weekly leaderboard and the chance to play a Bodog pro for $1,000. He possessed the top spot just one day this past week, and it was at the right time – the end of the week. On the very last day of the week, he rose from 3rd to 1st place, passing both manderbutt and ParliGod. manderbutt fell from 1st to 4th on the last day, and ParliGod fell from 2nd to 5th. TonySoprano made up the most ground at the end of the week, rising from 9th place to 2nd.

Here is the top ten for the weekly leaderboard from this week so far:

1. Panicked – 1461 pts
2. ParliGod – 1411 pts
3. vinnyb9 – 1205 pts
4. Balla686 – 1201 pts
5. TheMicrowave – 1106 pts
6. Troy111 – 1070 pts
7. gotzballz – 1045 pts
8. The Maven – 1011 pts
9. pplayer13 – 955 pts
10. Pdiddy100 – 918 pts

Panicked is in first place right now with 1461 points. He is no stranger to the weekly leaderboard – he won first place back in May. He has a very narrow lead over second place ParliGod. ParliGod will try not to slip this week and hopefully he will be able to stay in the top three by the time the week is over. Another familiar name, vinnyb9, is in third place. vinnyb9 won the weekly leaderboard just two weeks ago, and he has been in the top ten for the week 12 times in the past 30 days.

Let’s take a look at the August leaderboard, now. Here are the current leaders:

1. thatsNice – 3833 pts
2. vinnyb9 – 3796 pts
3. manderbutt – 3781 pts
4. Panicked – 3599 pts
5. ParliGod – 3525 pts
6. gotzballz – 3487 pts
7. whatever877 – 3356 pts
8. grewsum2sum – 3300 pts
9. Troy111 – 3265 pts
10. WillyNilly – 3129 pts

thatsNice is currently in first place with 3833 points, rising two spots from third place last Friday. His lead is very small, however; vinnyb9, who was in first place last week, is close behind with 3796 points. manderbutt, who was in second place last Friday, rounds out the top three with 3781 points. The players that are doing well this week on the weekly leaderboard are also doing well on the monthly leaderboard – Panicked and ParliGod are 4th and 5th place respectively for August right now. gotzballz had a good week, moving up six spots from 12th place to 6th place. The same can be said for WillyNilly, who moved into the top ten for the week after being in 15th place last Friday.

There is just over a week left for the month of August, and it will be very interesting to see who will keep their places and who will lose them! Be sure to come back next week to see how the standings change for both the weekly and monthly races. If you would like to see the complete standings from today, click here. For the Bodog network page, click this link: