Welcome to this week’s version of the Bodog Poker Leaderboard update. We’re a mere two days away from the end of the month which means that the August leaderboard is coming to a close. Who is in the lead right now and is that lead safe? Read on to find out!

As always, let’s see who won last week’s weekly leaderboard first. Here were the top three when it was all over:

1. Balla686 – 2304 pts
2. vinnyb9 – 1839 pts
3. Panicked – 1792 pts

Congratulations to Balla686 for winning the weekly race and the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000. He moved up from 4th to 1st in the last few days of the week, taking the top spot away from Panicked. Vinnyb9 was in 3rd when I wrote last Friday and moved up to finish in 2nd by the time the week was over.

Now for some current standings – here is this week’s top ten so far:

1. michaeleahci – 2035 pts
2. manderbutt – 1094 pts
3. ParliGod – 939 pts
4. andyvanslyke – 933 pts
5. Swany420 – 844 pts
6. WillyNilly – 835 pts
7. bigShelton – 790 pts
8. whatever877 – 789 pts
9. scarface0928 – 764 pts
10. RayRay26 – 763 pts

Michaeleahci has a huge lead with 2035 points, almost 1,000 points ahead of 2nd place manderbutt. This is by far the largest lead I have seen since I started covering the Bodog leaderboards – it’s hard to imagine that anyone will be able to overcome it in the last few days of this week. We can’t rule it out completely, however, especially with so many good players in the top ten right now. ParliGod is more than capable of stringing together a few good tournament finishes, as is andyvanslyke, who won a weekly leaderboard this year back in April.

Now for what you’ve been waiting for: some updated monthly standings for August!

1. manderbutt – 4324 pts
2. vinnyb9 – 4281 pts
3. thatsNice – 3965 pts
4. Panicked – 3937 pts
5. gotzballz – 3861 pts
6. ParliGod – 3709 pts
7. whatever877 – 3700 pts
8. WillyNilly – 3485 pts
9. Troy111 – 3432 pts
10. cusee – 3410 pts

The names in the top ten haven’t changed all that much, but the order of the names has. Manderbutt was in 3rd place last week with 3781 points, but after a great past week of tournaments, he has shot up to 1st place and 4324 points. Vinnyb9 kept 2nd place, and thatsNice, last week’s 1st place, dropped down to 3rd place with 3965 points. The only new addition to the top ten this week is that of cusee; he moved up from last week’s 13th to this week’s 10th. So now the question is, what will the standings look like a couple days from now when August is over? Manderbutt is in the lead right now, but his lead is slim as vinnyb9 is less than 50 points behind him. In fact, less than 100 points separates 1st place from 10th, so anyone in the top ten could potentially move into 1st.

Be sure to come back next week to see who ends up winning it all for August! To see what these players are racing for, please click here for the first ever Bodog Leaderboard article on FlopTurnRiver.com. If you just can’t wait until next Friday to see who ends up winning the monthly leaderboard, feel free to visit the Bodog network page here: https://flopturnriver.com/#Bodog-Poker-Network.php.  To see the complete standings for today, please click here.