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As usual, I will be updating the standings for both the weekly and monthly leaderboards on Bodog. We’re moving into the second half of of the month, so the July leaderboard is becoming a lot more interesting than in previous weeks. If you want to see the prizes at stake, please click here for the first ever Bodog leaderboard article on If you want to see full standings for today, please click here. If you want to see full standings for any other day in the last month, visit the Bodog network page:

Let’s take a look at how the weekly leaderboard last week ended up:

1. alienface – 2266 pts
2. nevertilt22 – 1986 pts
3. cream420 – 1940 pts

And alienface’s dominance on the Bodog leaderboards continues. At one point, he was in 1st place on the weekly leaderboard for 7 out of 8 consecutive days. Cream420 took the top spot away from him for a moment a few days ago, but alienface reclaimed his spot the very next day. Cream420 eventually settled on 3rd place, and nevertilt22 had a good week, moving up from 4th last Friday to end up in 2nd place.

Here is the top ten for this week:

1. ParliGod – 1767 pts
2. alienface – 1393 pts
3. BluHorseshoe – 1211 pts
4. illshiz – 1110 pts
5. TheMicrowave – 1074 pts
6. Nels316 – 1056 pts
7. mr_dynomite – 989 pts
8. nbrown22 – 955 pts
9. cream420 – 932 pts
10. WaThoHuck – 916 pts

We see ParliGod fairly often on these leaderboards, although I’m still waiting for him to win it for a week or for a month. He’s sitting in 1st place with 1767 points, 374 points ahead of alienface. That’s a pretty healthy lead, but alienface is a great tournament player and could steal 1st away anytime. BluHorseshoe, a new name to me, is in 3rd place. Illshiz was on the weekly leaderboard last week in 5th place, and this week he’s in 4th. If you’re looking for another familiar name, mr_dynomite is in 7th place. Mr_dynomite won a weekly leaderboard back in June and came third for the monthly leaderboard in June. The guy who was leading the monthly leaderboard last week, cream420, is currently in 9th place for the week. This must mean that he’s had a decent week so far and so we’ll probably find him when we take a look at the monthly leaderboard again.

And so how about those monthly standings? Here is the top 10:

1. alienface – 4015 pts
2. cream420 – 3874 pts
3. ParliGod – 3709 pts
4. nevertilt22 – 3460 pts
5. hahaustink – 3405 pts
6. Dartanian – 3039 pts
7. alcarmo – 3031 pts
8. illshiz – 2883 pts
9. TheMicrowave – 2869 pts
10. rstewart13aggie – 2864 pts

After his great last couple of weeks on the weekly leaderboard, it’s not surprising to see alienface back on top of the monthly leaderboard. As I mentioned above, cream420 was on top for July last week, and his decent past week has allowed him to drop only one spot down to 2nd place. The currently weekly board leader, ParliGod, actually slipped won one spot and is in 3rd. There are a couple more familiar names in that list above, including nevertilt22, Dartanian, and TheMicrowave. Thinking about players who have dominated the leaderboards in the past, however, has made me wonder what happened to StraightNutz. Since I started writing these articles, StraightNutz has won the weekly leaderboard twice and the monthly leaderboard once. He’s nowhere to be found in the top 150 for the month today – perhaps he’s taking a break from playing for a while?

As always, thanks for reading. Be sure to return next week as I will be posting more standings and it will be nearing the end of July. Will alienface win his second month in a row or will someone lower in the standings finally knock him down a couple pegs? It will be an interesting battle!