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Welcome back to the weekly Bodog update, featuring both weekly and monthly tournament leaderboards. We are mere days away from the end of July, so the monthly race is becoming more intense as players seek to earn as many points as possible during this last week. Let’s see how things have changed since last Friday.

Here are the winners from last week’s weekly leaderboard:

1. ParliGod – 2057 pts
2. mr_dynomite – 1850 pts
3. alienface – 1789 pts

When I wrote last Friday, ParliGod was already in the lead for the week, so he did well to keep his top spot. Alienface managed to stay in the top 3 and moved from 2nd to 3rd by the time the week was over, and mr_dynomite had a great last few days, doubling his point total and moving up from 7th to 2nd place. BluHorseshoe, who was in 3rd last week, slid all the way down to 10th place by the end of the week.

Here are the current weekly standings:

1. Killa_Tyven – 1431 pts
2. Pick6man – 1251 pts
3. Nels316 – 1175 pts
4. andyvanslyke – 1106 pts
5. ParliGod – 1103 pts
6. WillyNilly – 1039 pts
7. deadmoney627 – 976 pts
8. Troy111 – 966 pts
9. BlitzBurgh87 – 960 pts
10. rstewart13aggie – 948 pts

Wait, who ARE these people? And where is alienface? Both Killa_Tyven and Pick6man are new names to me – let’s see if they stay at the top by the time the week is over. And as for alienface, he is all the way down in 29th place for the week. It will be interesting to see how this lackluster week (so far) has affected his monthly standings? The rest of the top ten for the weekly board is full of familiar names though. Andyvanslyke won a weekly leaderboard race back in April, so let’s see if he can get back to his winning ways and move up from 4th to 1st by the end of the week. ParliGod is in 5th place, looking for a way to move up a few spots and maybe even win his second consecutive weekly leaderboard!

Let’s look at the most interesting race right now – the July leaderboard. Here is the current top ten:

1 alienface – 4335 pts
2 ParliGod – 4235 pts
3 cream420 – 4154 pts
4 hahaustink – 3848 pts
5 nevertilt22 – 3611 pts
6 Dartanian – 3610 pts
7 GoBilliards – 3382 pts
8 alcarmo – 3345 pts
9 vinnyb9 – 3344 pts
10 JessDSL – 3282 pts

If you read last week’s article and looked at the monthly standings then, you’ll notice that the standings this week really haven’t changed all that much. Alienface fell out of the top ten for the week on the weekly leaderboard, but he’s managed to hold onto the top spot for the month, increasing his point total by over 300 from last week. ParliGod’s great week last week boosted his score by over 500 points, causing him to climb from last week’s 3rd place to 2nd place this week. He switched places with cream420, who was in 2nd last week. Hahaustink moved up one spot and sits in 4th, while nevertilt22 did the opposite, moving down one spot to take 5th. There are a couple new names in the top ten, too. GoBilliards was on the outside looking in last week in 11th place, and this week he’s in 7th. Vinnyb9 moved up from 14th last week to 9th this week, and JessDSL climbed from last week’s 18th to this week’s 10th.

I’m really excited by the monthly standings because alienface has the chance to win his second consecutive monthly leaderboard, which would be a huge accomplishment! The point totals are all very close, however, so there is plenty of time for change and movement in the standings. Be sure to come back next week as the month will have just ended and the final standings will have just come in!

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