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Welcome to this week’s Bodog Leaderboard Update. Please click here to get acquainted with the leaderboard and click here if you’re interested in seeing the complete standings for today. For more information, please visit the Bodog network page:

As always, let’s see who won the weekly leaderboard last week. Here were the top 3 when the week was over:

1. alienface – 1528 pts
2. nymike03 – 1488 pts
3. Funny_1 – 1483 pts

When I wrote my article last Friday, Funny_1 was in first place and had been in first place since the weekly standings started for that week. He was at the top for the first four days of the week, but unfortunately for him, it’s the last day that matters most. hormelp stole the lead away from Funny_1 on Saturday, WillyNilly took first place on Sunday, but when the dust settled on Monday morning, alienface was on top. Regular readers of this article will recognize the name alienface – he has spent a lot of time in the top ten of both the weekly and monthly leaderboards since I started following the Bodog races. In the last 30 days alone, he has been in the top ten for the week 12 times. He actually won the weekly leaderboard one week last month, and he placed third in the monthly leaderboard back in April. Impressive track record so far!

Let’s see who is on top for the current week:

1. WillyNilly – 1170 pts
2. TakeEmOut – 1054 pts
3. StraightNutz – 1053 pts
4. sinkki – 946 pts
5. andyvanslyke – 937 pts
6. The Nation07 – 881 pts
7. Honick21 – 816 pts
8. kq – 776 pts
9. Hiram – 738 pts
10. Lukasz – 718 pts

There’s another familiar name sitting in first place this week: WillyNilly. Despite being in the top ten so often in the last few weeks, however, WillyNilly doesn’t really have anything to show for it. He hasn’t won a weekly or a monthly board since I started following the Bodog leaderboards, and so it will be interesting to see if he can keep the top spot this time. There’s a couple more familiar names in that top ten list. StraightNutz won the weekly race last week and he also won the monthly race for May of this year. andyvanslyke is another name that is frequently in the top ten. He won a weekly leaderboard back at the end of April.

Let’s talk about the June leaderboard, now. We’re almost two weeks in and here are the updated standings:

1. WillyNilly – 2865 pts
2. alienface – 2825 pts
3. TakeEmOut – 2319 pts
4. nymike03 – 2116 pts
5. The Nation07 – 2107 pts
6. Hiram – 2071 pts
7. Mr__Blonde – 2069 pts
8. Funny_1 – 2052 pts
9. whatever877 – 2032 pts
10. Swany420 – 2005 pts

The guy in first place last week, Troy111, increased his point total by a few hundred but still slipped down all the way to 11th place. WillyNilly’s great week so far has propelled him all the way from 12th last week to 1st this week. alienface, the weekly leaderboard winner for last week, sits in 2nd spot and TakeEmOut, a fairly unfamiliar name to me, is in 3rd. Last week’s 2nd place spot, Funny_1, slipped down to 8th place this week. Mr__Blonde, this week’s 7th place spot, is a good player and won a weekly leaderboard back in April. The last familiar name in the list is that of whatever877, currently in 9th place. whatever877 recently came in 2nd place for the May leaderboard of this year.

Following the Bodog Leaderboard is becoming increasingly interesting every week as more names are added to the list of winners and it becomes more clear who the dominant players on Bodog are. alienface is clearly very successful – will he be able to win for the month of June? What about StraightNutz – will he crack the top ten for June by next week? And can WillyNilly, who is on top of both leaderboards on Bodog right now, finally win something? As with anything, it’s way more fun to follow the leaderboards once you become familiar with the players. We should be able to answer a few of the questions posed in this paragraph next Friday. Thanks for reading and see you next week!