Hello Bodog enthusiasts! When we left off last week, WillyNilly impressed everyone by being on top of both the weekly leaderboard and the monthly leaderboard. Did he go on to win for the week and manage to hold on to first place for the month? Read on to find out!

Here were the winners for last week’s weekly race:

1. StraightNutz – 1559 pts
2. TakeEmOut – 1528 pts
3. alienface – 1378 pts

Well WillyNilly is not listed above in the top three, so the answer to at least one of the above questions is a resounding ‘no’. In fact, since last week, WillyNilly’s point total did not change at all. He either didn’t play any tournaments at all or he had a terrible week of results. Whatever the case, he ended up in tenth place when it was all said and done. Congratulations to StraightNutz, one of the most familiar names on the Bodog leaderboards. This is the 2nd time this month that he’s won the weekly leaderboard, and he will have the chance to play a Bodog pro for $1,000 for this repeat accomplishment. 2nd place and 3rd place are also familiar names in the Bodog leaderboard world. TakeEmOut has been in the top ten for the weekly leaderboard 10 times in the past 30 days, and alienface has been in the top ten 14 times. Impressive numbers.

Back to present time. Here is the top ten so far for this week:

1. andyvanslyke – 1305 pts
2. alienface – 1273 pts
3. TheMicrowave – 1100 pts
4. ParliGod – 1082 pts
5. dukedaddie – 1039 pts
6. kq – 1022 pts
7. rstewart13aggie – 1006 pts
8. MOGREEN54 – 904 pts
9. OGHowie – 842 pts
10. AirWesley5 – 839 pts

There’s andyvanslyke back on top, searching for another weekly leaderboard win. He won the week back at the end of April of this year. In the last 30 days, he’s been in the top ten 11 times. Not bad at all! It won’t be easy for him, however. alienface, too, is back, and he’s breathing down andyvanslyke’s neck only 32 points behind. alienface won the weekly leaderboard only a couple weeks ago. The third place player, TheMicrowave, is a new player to me; he hasn’t been in the top ten at all in the last month before today. We’ll see if he can hold his ground and remain in the top 3 by the time the week is over.

The weekly leaderboards often give hints to how the monthly leaderboard will look, so let’s see how the standings have changed since last Friday:

1. alienface – 3695 pts
2. WillyNilly – 3077 pts
3. TakeEmOut – 3032 pts
4. nymike03 – 3023 pts
5. andyvanslyke – 2795 pts
6. Hiram – 2772 pts
7. robodonkey – 2720 pts
8. AirWesley5 – 2715 pts
9. Funny_1 – 2713 pts
10. StraightNutz – 2666 pts

WillyNilly must have started cashing some tournaments after last week was over because his point total has increased and he is still in the top three. alienface’s good week has allowed him to trade spots with WillyNilly, moving up from second place to 1st place. TakeEmOut increased his point total quite a bit from last week, but he was able to keep his place in 3rd. The exact same thing can be said for nymike03, who is in the 4th spot. andyvanslyke, the weekly leaderboard right now, made an impressive jump from 31st last week to 5th place this week. Hiram, robodonkey, and AirWesley5 are all relatively new to me when it comes to the top ten for the Bodog leaderboards, but Funny_1 and, of course, StraightNutz are not. Funny_1 has been in the top ten of these leaderboards 17 times in the last 30 days, and we already discussed StraightNutz at the start of this article.

It will be interesting to see if alienface can keep his pretty big lead over WillyNilly and stay in 1st place for the month. You rarely see such a large lead at the top of the boards – usually there’s someone less than 100 points away from first in second place! A 600+ point lead is very impressive. Be sure to come back next Friday to see if the standings are still this way after a week has gone by!

P.S. To see where I got the data for today’s standings, please click here. To see the Bodog network page, click on this link: https://flopturnriver.com/#Bodog-Poker-Network.php. For information on how the Bodog leaderboards work and what is on the line for prizes, click here.