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Welcome back to the weekly Bodog leaderboard update! It’s nearing the end of the month and Bodog tournament players are racing towards the finish line, trying to keep their places or move up in the monthly leaderboard race. Let’s take a look at both the weekly and monthly standings to see who has the best shot at taking it all for the month of June.

First things first: who won for the week last week? Here were the top three:

1. drexxel7 – 1841 pts
2. alienface – 1721 pts
3. robodonkey – 1665 pts

Congratulations to drexxel7, who won the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000 by being in the top spot at the end of the week. andyvanslyke, the leader last Friday, fell all the way to 6th place when it was all said and done. alienface was in 2nd place last Friday and he stayed there, failing to win his second weekly title in three weeks. robodonkey, who ended up in 3rd, was actually in 1st place the second-to-last day of the weekly race. drexxel7 came from 3rd on the last day to knock him out of 1st place and claim his spot at the top.

Here are the standings for the current week:

1. mr_dynomite – 1524 pts
2. alienface – 1406 pts
3. Old Man Coyote – 1393 pts
4. WillyNilly – 1367 pts
5. TheMicrowave – 1294 pts
6. Lukasz – 1156 pts
7. Pdiddy100 – 1149 pts
8. gotzballz – 1073 pts
9. Texas Tokem – 1002 pts
10. ParliGod – 970 pts

I’m not too familiar with the player in 1st place, mr_dynomite, for he hasn’t done anything impressive since I started covering the Bodog leaderboards. According to some stats, though, he’s been in the top 10 for the weekly board 6 times in the past 30 days. In 2nd place is the Bodog leaderboard regular, alienface, who already placed 2nd last week and won the leaderboard 3 weeks ago. Let’s see if he challenges again this week – he’ll have to cover over 118 points to catch up to mr_dynomite. Old Man Coyote rounds out the top three spots for the week. He’s another fairly unfamiliar name, although he’s been doing pretty well lately in the weekly standings; in the last 30 days, he’s been in the top 10 nine times.

Last week alienface had a massive lead over WillyNilly on top of the monthly leaderboards. The standings above show the alienface had another great week of tournaments, so that would lead one to believe that he should have been able to keep his spot on top for June so far. Let’s see if that is correct:

1. alienface – 4421 pts
2. alcarmo – 3917 pts
3. WillyNilly – 3703 pts
4. robodonkey – 3432 pts
5. nymike03 – 3326 pts
6. StraightNutz – 3167 pts
7. mr_dynomite – 3146 pts
8. ParliGod – 3134 pts
9. TakeEmOut – 3077 pts
10. Yetti Man – 3062 pts

Sure enough, there’s alienface in 1st place again, and he also still has a healthy lead. This time it’s a little less at 504 points, but like I said last week, there’s usually someone less than 100 points behind in 2nd place. A 500+ lead is still super impressive! WillyNilly increased his point total by a pretty significant amount from last week, but it wasn’t enough to keep him in 2nd place and he is in 3rd this week. The player in 2nd place, alcarmo, had a great past week and moved up 12 spots from 14th. robodonkey, in 4th place, moved up from 7th place last week, and nymike03, in 5th place, moved down one spot from 4th last week. A top 10 leaderboard regular, andyvanslyke, dropped out of the top 10 altogether (he’s in 12th place today), but another top 10 regular, StraightNutz, moved up from 10th place and is in 6th place this week. mr_dynomite, the weekly leader at the moment, is in 7th, and ParliGod, who frequents the Bodog leaderboards fairly often, is in 8th place. TakeEmOut and Yetti Man round out the top 10, in 9th and 10th place respectively.

Next week is the highly anticipated “June winners” Bodog update, so be sure to come back to my blog next Friday to see if alienface can hold his spot on top and win it all for June.

If you can’t get enough of these Bodog Leaderboard standings, please visit the Bodog network page for standings for every other day this past month: To see where I got the data for today’s article, please click here. For a reminder of what the prizes are for winning the leaderboards on Bodog, please click here for the first ever Bodog Leaderboard article on Thanks and see you next week!