When we looked at the weekly Bodog leaderboard last Friday, WillyNilly had a narrow lead over ParliGod of only 32 points. Here were the top three when the week was over:

1. fitzfitz – 1589 pts
2. RezinLife – 1577 pts
3. Dartanian – 1566 pts

ParliGod actually passed WillyNilly the day after I wrote last week’s article, but he couldn’t keep the top spot for long either. fitzfitz took the top spot from ParliGod and he was the guy on top when the week was over. Congratulations to fitzfitz for winning the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000.

Moving on to this week, here is the current weekly top ten:

1. StraightNutz – 1275 pts
2. The Maven – 1181 pts
3. andyvanslyke – 1178 pts
4. whatever877 – 1007 pts
5. PhillyGG – 950 pts
6. Killa_Tyven – 904 pts
7. dunkin dutchman – 886 pts
8. fitzfitz – 836 pts
9. ilovekaren – 829 pts
10. dukedaddie – 828 pts

StraightNutz is in the lead now, but we all know that a 100 point lead isn’t very safe, particularly with a few days left in the week still. There’s the familiar name of andyvanslyke in third place – he’s been in the top ten of Bodog’s tournament leaderboards very often lately. In fact, over the last 30 days, his name has shown up in the top ten of the weekly board 13 times and the monthly board 22 times. Impressive! fitzfitz is also in the top ten again, sitting in 8th place. Can he make a run for first and win the weekly race two weeks in a row? He’s behind by over 400 points right now so it may seem unlikely, but last week he overcame a 300 point deficit to win first place. Maybe 400 points is possible too?

With fitzfitz having such a great last two weeks, you’d expect to see him quite high on the monthly leaderboard as well. Sure enough, here is the top ten for May so far:

1. fitzfitz – 3153 pts
2. andyvanslyke – 3129 pts
3. Dartanian – 3038 pts
4. StraightNutz – 2977 pts
5. al0825 – 2653 pts
6. uriahfaber – 2594 pts
7. ParliGod – 2558 pts
8. RezinLife – 2539 pts
9. FLUSH634 – 2519 pts
10. Killa_Tyven – 2426 pts

There’s fitzfitz sitting in the top spot, albeit only 24 points ahead of our friend andyvanslyke. Both players had a great week and rose quite a few spots on the May leaderboard – fitzfitz went from 9th to 1st and andyvanslyke went from 7th to 2nd. andyvanslyke actually held 1st place for a couple of days and fitzfitz overtook him just today. Dartanian, another familiar name in the Bodog leaderboard world, also held 1st place for a few days this week before moving down to 3rd place from 2nd last week. al0825, who was in 1st place during my article last Friday, slid all the way to 5th this week. dunkin dutchman and vinnyb9, 3rd and 5th respectively last week, are nowhere to be seen in the top ten today. A quick search finds dunkin dutchman in 12th and vinnyb9 in 19th. They must have both had a slow past week of cashes. StraightNutz is in 4th place, up all the way from 21st from last week and showing how one great week of tournaments can shoot you up to near the top of the monthly leaderboard.

If you’d like a reminder of what the winners receive as prizes for winning the weekly or monthly leaderboards, please click here. To see where I got the data for today’s article, click here. You can also visit the Bodog network page for data for any day this past month: https://flopturnriver.com/#Bodog-Poker-Network.php. Thanks for reading and come back next week to see who wins the weekly leaderboard this week and to see who has the best chance of winning for May!