It’s the 23rd and in just over a week, the leaderboard for the month of May at Bodog will come to a close. We all know that a week is plenty of time for change, however! Let’s see what has changed since last Friday.

First things first – who was last week’s weekly leaderboard winner? These were the top three when the week was over:

1. Panicked – 1944 pts
2. whatever877 – 1641 pts
3. UFgator83 – 1608 pts

Congratulations to Panicked for being on top when the week was over and for winning the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000. He must have had an absolutely incredible run of tournaments the last few days of the week because he was all the way back in 50th place when I wrote my article last Friday! That is certainly an impressive jump. whatever877 made a small jump himself, moving from 4th place to 2nd, and UFgator83 rose from 11th to sit in 3rd place by the end of the week. StraightNutz, who was in first place last Friday, slipped a few notches and ended up in 4th for the week.

Here is the top ten for the current week:

1. alienface – 1377 pts
2. BrianThree16 – 1289 pts
3. Old Man Coyote – 1258 pts
4. nevertilt22 – 1191 pts
5. The Nation07 – 1120 pts
6. dunkin dutchman – 1057 pts
7. gotzballz – 983 pts
8. RJules12 – 946 pts
9. PhillyGG – 893 pts
10. Pick6man – 887 pts

As usual, there are a few familiar faces, including the name in the number one spot. alienface took 1st place just two days into the week, and he hasn’t let it go since. His lead over BrianThree16 is very small, however, so it will be interesting to see if he can hold on to the top spot. dunkin dutchman is another familiar name – he was in the top ten of last week’s leaderboard at this time, too.

Let’s see how many of the weekly leaders show up in the top ten for the month:

1. fitzfitz – 3517 pts
2. StraightNutz – 3493 pts
3. andyvanslyke – 3405 pts
4. whatever877 – 3262 pts
5. PhillyGG – 3204 pts
6. Dartanian – 3203 pts
7. al0825 – 3177 pts
8. Nels316 – 3073 pts
9. nevertilt22 – 3037 pts
10. RezinLife – 2966 pts

It looks like fitzfitz has been able to stay at the top of the board, increasing his point total and sitting in 1st place again. It wasn’t without trouble, however. The day after I wrote my article last week, he actually lost top spot to StraightNutz, who currently sits in 2nd place. The two of them traded 1st place for a couple days until andyvanslyke, who currently sits in 3rd place, broke up the party and sat at the top for a couple days. fitzfitz regained his spot only a couple days ago. He will need to do it for just over one more week to win the crown for May! whatever877 sits in 4th place, making it obvious that his good week of tournaments last week really benefited him in the monthly race. Dartanian, who was in 3rd place last week, fell a few spots and is in 6th place right now. al0825 also fell (from 5th to 7th place), as did RezinLife (from 8th to 10th). The other players are new to the top ten this week. PhillyGG and nevertilt22, both in the top ten for this week so far, show how a good week of tournaments can really shoot you up the monthly charts. PhillyGG was in 16h place last week, and nevertilt22 was in 24th place. The most impressive monthly leaderboard rise is from the player Nels316, who is in 8th place right now. Last Friday at this time, he was sitting all the way in 124th place! Rising 116 places in just one week – wow!

It’s amazing leaderboard climbs like that from Nels316 that show that a week really is long enough to cause huge changes in both the weekly and monthly standings. Be sure to come back next week to see who will stay at the top and who will be forced to the bottom!

P.S. To see what’s on the line and to see how the Bodog leaderboard works, please visit the first Bodog Leaderboard article here. To see where I got the data for today’s article, please click here. If you want to see data from days in between my article, please visit the Bodog network page: