Let’s kick off this weekend with a Bodog Poker leaderboard report. Last week I wrote about the monthly leaderboard winners for September, so now we have October to focus on. The month is one third of the way finished already, so let’s start looking at some standings.

As always, though, we need to look at the weekly leaderboard from last week first. Here were the top three when the week was over:

1. UFPokerStar – 1863 pts
2. zubs1aa – 1735 pts
3. whatever877 – 1681 pts

Congratulations to UFPokerStar for winning the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000. UFPokerStar hasn’t won a leaderboard since I started covering Bodog in April, but he has been in the top 10 several times and is a very good tournament player. In fact, he sits in the top 4% of players on the Bodog leaderboard, which is highly impressive. His win this week on the leaderboard was impressive, as well – he took 1st place on the second day of the week, and he kept it all the way until the end. zubs1aa, the player in 2nd place, is a fairly unfamiliar name to me. He made a massive climb on the weekly leaderboard since last Friday when I wrote – he wasn’t even in the top 100 for the week back then! whatever877 rounded out the top 3 for the week. I’m still waiting for whatever877 to win a leaderboard on my watch because I know he is a great player. He took 2nd place on the monthly leaderboard back in May, but he hasn’t done anything impressive since then. One last significant thing to note: Panicked is not in the top 3 for this week. He might have stopped playing near the end of the week because he isn’t even in the top 100 for the new week (I jumped ahead and looked already). Or perhaps he’s running bad and has had bad results recently.

Here are the new weekly standings:

1. boondock11 – 1293 pts
2. shawncarter – 1207 pts
3. Swany420 – 1169 pts
4. Troy111 – 1157 pts
5. L Rocketz – 1129 pts
6. CK3 – 1115 pts
7. willedtowin – 1103 pts
8. papastacks – 1084 pts
9. WillyNilly – 1034 pts
10. deadmoney627 – 1027 pts

There are more new names to me in this latest top 10 than usual. boondock11 is a good player on Bodog but he hasn’t been in the top 3 of many leaderboards since I started covering them, which is why he’s not overly familiar to me. The same can be said for shawncarter, who is in 2nd place right now. I’ve seen Swany420 around a lot on the Bodog leaderboard standings recently, and I’m waiting for him to win one of these weeks. He rounds out this week’s top 3. Let’s see if these players can hold their spots during the remaining few days of the week. As for players that could easily upset the top 3, Troy111, CK3, and WillyNilly all have proven track records on Bodog. Troy111 won second place on the September leaderboard just last month, and both CK3 and WillyNilly have won weekly leaderboards in the last few months.

Finally, let’s take a look at the October leaderboard. Here is the top 10 right now:

1. Swany420 – 2583 pts
2. whatever877 – 2458 pts
3. papastacks – 2366 pts
4. ParliGod – 2146 pts
5. UFPokerStar – 2122 pts
6. Troy111 – 2093 pts
7. Pdiddy100 – 1990 pts
8. SeeinFlops420 – 1984 pts
9. L Rocketz – 1903 pts
10. shawncarter – 1865 pts

Swany420’s good past week has done him well on the monthly leaderboard, too. He sits in 1st place right now, up an impressive 57 spots from last week’s 58th. whatever877, who I talked about during my weekly analysis, is in 2nd place. papastacks, a player I am unfamiliar with, rounds out the top 3. ParliGod, who was in 1st place on this leaderboard last Friday, slipped down to 4th place, and UFPokerStar, the winner of last week’s leaderboard, is in 5th place right now. A couple other players that I’ve already talked about, Troy111 and shawncarter, are also in the top 10 for this week. SeeinFlops420 and L Rocketz are in 8th and 9th place respectively.

Thanks for reading and be sure to come back next week for more Bodog Poker Leaderboard news. If you’d like more information on these races, please click here for an explanation and also a list of prizes. If you want to see the complete data for today’s standings, please click here. For the option to view the standings for any of the days this past month, click here for the Bodog Network Page.