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It’s a busy day for the Bodog Leaderboard article today. There’s the usual top ten for both the weekly and monthly leaderboards, there’s the winner of last week’s weekly leaderboard, and then there’s also the winner of the May leaderboard! Without wasting anymore time, let’s find out who ended up winning for the month of May on Bodog.

As described in the first ever Bodog Leaderboard article on (click here), the top 30 on the monthly leaderboard win prizes. Here were the top 30 for May:

1. StraightNutz – 4340 pts
2. whatever877 – 4110 pts
3. fitzfitz – 3995 pts
4. FLUSH634 – 3909 pts
5. WillyNilly – 3795 pts
6. andyvanslyke – 3607 pts
7. PhillyGG – 3586 pts
8. nevertilt22 – 3583 pts
9. Nels316 – 3466 pts
10. gotzballz – 3401 pts
11. al0825 – 3400 pts
12. WaThoHuck – 3393 pts
13. carp7357 – 3287 pts
14. Dartanian – 3262 pts
15. The Nation07 – 3257 pts
16. Killa_Tyven – 3228 pts
17. bigboat21 – 3166 pts
18. alienface – 3137 pts
19. RezinLife – 3094 pts
20. RJules12 – 3055 pts
21. ParliGod – 3032 pts
22. dunkin dutchman – 3010 pts
23. Old Man Coyote – 2995 pts
24. Panicked  -2987 pts
25. vinnyb9 – 2986 pts
26. The Maven – 2979 pts
27. Pick6man – 2955 pts
28. graytambar – 2918 pts
29. TheHesse – 2907 pts
30. patmac978 – 2856 pts

When I wrote my article last week, there were only a couple days left in the month to move up in the standings. Because of this, it’s not surprising to find out that the top five did not change at all (other than their point totals) and the top ten changed only slightly. StraightNutz kept his hold on the top spot easily, even adding to his point total during the last two days to ensure his victory. whatever877 and fitzfitz, second and third respectively, did not increase their point totals much at all, but it turned out that they didn’t need to as no one from below challenged them for their top three spots. Congratulations to StraightNutz for winning an entry to the “Monthly TLB Winners’ Players Choice Freeroll”, which will take place in January of 2009. 2nd through 30th place all received Tournament Credits for their efforts.

Here is the list of winners from the weekly leaderboard last week:

1. StraightNutz – 1870 pts
2. FLUSH634 – 1717 pts 
3. carp7357 – 1713 pts 

Talk about some domination by StraightNutz! Not only did he win the monthly leaderboard for May, he also won the weekly leaderboard last week. This earned him the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000. FLUSH634, who was in the top spot at this time last week, was unable to keep first place and dropped down to second. carp7357 also dropped one spot, from second last week to third this week.

If you’re looking for some recent news, here’s the top ten for the weekly race this week so far:

1. Funny_1 – 1163 pts
2. JessMan900 – 1054 pts
3. Swany420 – 1023 pts
4. hormelp – 960 pts
5. Troy111 – 869 pts
6. TakeEmOut – 846 pts
7. nikopolidis – 815 pts
8. dukedaddie – 815 pts
9. michael172 – 774 pts
10. mueller3b – 772 pts

There are many new names in the above list. Funny_1 took first place right at the start of the week, and he hasn’t let it go since. This is the first time he’s been in the top ten of any Bodog leaderboard in the last 30 days; let’s see if he can hold the top spot for the entire week. The rest of the names in the weekly top ten are also fairly unfamiliar and haven’t factored in the top ten for any of the leaderboards in the last month, either. We’ll take a look next week and see which names rise and which fall.

Here’s the top ten for the June leaderboard so far:

1. Troy111 – 1585 pts
2. Funny_1 – 1304 pts
3. Swany420 – 1261 pts
4. JessMan900 – 1239 pts
5. mueller3b – 1183 pts
6. alienface – 1147 pts
7. hormelp – 1102 pts
8. expos27 – 1001 pts
9. nymike03 – 1001 pts
10. dukedaddie – 941 pts

Since the month just started, one would expect to see the weekly leaders in the monthly standings as well. Troy111, who is sitting in first place, has been seen on the boards before, but not recently. Funny_1 is in second place, no doubt thanks to the great week he’s had so far with Bodog’s multi-table tournaments. The most familiar name out of the bunch would have to be alienface. He has been quite successful on the Bodog leaderboards in the recent weeks, especially the weekly leaderboard. Let’s see if he can work his way up the monthly standings in June.

If you’re interested in seeing where I got my data for today’s article, please click here for complete standings for June 6th. If you would like to see the standings for another day this past week, please visit the Bodog network page: Thanks for reading and see you next week!