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Bodog Poker (also known as BodogLife) has become a pretty big powerhouse in the online poker world. Starting on its own independent network, Bodog has gone through many troubles; including even losing their domain name! But they have made it through the hardships, and are one of the best rooms available for US players. The games are soft, there are many overlays, the software is great, and they give a lot back to the players.

One of the way they give back to the players is by their Tournament Leaderboards. Starting in April, I will be giving the Bodog Leaderboards a closer look and see who are the most consistent players on the site. All of the stats can be viewed on FTR’s Bodog Network Page here: by scrolling down to the Bodog Poker Leaderboards section. Every single day will be stored and you can check the archives as far back as you would like to. It is a great feature to be able to see how consistent the players are and when someone finally got enough points to reach the top! You can also view any individual day by clicking on it in the under every month that is listed. For example, today March 29, 2008 can be viewed by clicking on March 29th, which brings you to the page. This shows that rusostreet is currently in first place with 4657 chips and clear favorite to win the month with only 2 days left!

The Bodog Leaderboards award points based on a few different factors; the buy-in, number of players, and place you finish. It is possible to finish 4th in a larger scale tournament and earn more points than someone who finishes 1st in a smaller one. The bigger the buy-in and field, and of course how well you finish, the more points you earn! Generally, the top 20% finishers in any qualifying tournament earn points. Bodog’s structure is also one of the most fair, because it rewards on averages rather than just whoever can play the most in any given time frame. Weekly points are based on your best 12 finishes, monthly your best 25 finishes, and yearly your best 125 finishes. So if you don’t have the time to play 200 tournaments per month, you could still finish high up on the list if you play good!

So what happens if you do end up on the Bodog Leaderboard? Besides the honor and pride you get by having your name featured, you can win some nice prizes! Prizes are given away based on Weekly or Monthly placements on the leaderboard (from the Bodog website):

Weekly Prizes

* 1st place – Play David Williams, Evelyn Ng or Josh Arieh in a heads up Sit and Go freeroll for $1,000. If the pro wins, the pot continues to grow until a player wins all! (The pot’s been as big as $16,000 in the past.)
* 2nd and 3rd place – 270 Tournament Credits – gets you into a Player’s Choice Semifinal
* 4th and 5th place – 110 Tournament Credits – buy-in to the $100K Guaranteed
* 6th to 10th place – 50 Tournament Credits
* 11th to 15th place – 25 Tournament Credits

Monthly Prizes

* *1st place – Entry into the “Monthly TLB Winners’ Players Choice Freeroll” in January 2009.
* 2nd place – 540 Tournament Credits
* 3rd to 5th place – 380 Tournament Credits
* 6th to 10th place – 110 Tournament Credits
* 11th to 20th place – 50 Tournament Credits
* 21st to 30th place – 25 Tournament Credits

* The 12 Monthly TLB Winners in 2008 will play in a 2-table 6-handed Sit and Go in early 2009 where the top 2 players win a $12,000 Players Choice prize package. If a player wins 2 or more months throughout the year, this player would win T$2000 for his 2nd win and the 2nd place finisher that month will be invited to play in the finale.

One tournament credit (T$) is equal to $1, but can only be used for tournament play (not cash games). Bodog gives away thousands every week, and even more every month! You could potentially earn $10,000+ just by playing your normal game, if your game is good enough to top the board!

That basically describes how to win and how much you can potentially earn, so stay tuned in the next few days for March results. If you play or run good you could be featured on FTR!