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Pretty big news from Bodog this week. Before, Canadians were banned from playing poker on but no more, thanks to and the company’s 15-year anniversary. Here’s an excerpt from a statement from Bodog:

“The Bodog brand is celebrating its 15-year anniversary this year — an absolutely remarkable pedigree and testament to its enduring values in an industry that quickly kills off mediocrity. The brand has gone through quite an evolution during that long history, and Bodog Europe is looking forward to carrying the torch forward for at least another 15 years of world-class customer service, unbeatable promotions, and, above all — fun.”

Now, in my humble opinion the gameplay on Bodog is hit or miss. I go on there to do some sports betting sure, but since Bodog has such a loyal community which always seems to be growing, once in a while you’ll get people in the poker rooms that have no business being there.  However, there aren’t many websites that hold the clout that Bodog does. I mean, 15 year anniversary for a gambling website? That’s close to the beginning of the consumer-focused Internet. It’s in the same ranks as Google and eBay.

The biggest perk of this deal is that Canadians can now join into Bodog’s awesome Sunday tournament. Every single Sunday, log in for a $150+$12 tournament with $100,000 prize money guarantee. One-hundred thousand dollars is pretty serious cash, and with Canadian players now eligible to grab that prize money the odds definitely sway a bit.

It’s not like that makes it any less worth playing. If you aren’t a BS player you should take a crack at it.

Also, here’s a nice little promotion from that’ll get new players from everywhere: deposit any amount up to $500 and Bodog will match it up to 110 percent. Now that’s a promotion.