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Bodog Poker is offering an online tournament wrapped around the idea of the up and coming NFL football playoffs. This tournament will pay out a cool $100,000 regardless of the number of participants, so if you want a shot at one hundred grand make sure you register. Seats often fill up quick so get this fast because nobody wants to miss their shot.

Here are the ways you can enter this tournament:

The first way to enter is to win your way by qualifying in a ‘Cheap Seat’ tournament. These have a Buy-in of $1 + $0 and to enter this way offers enough tournament credits to participate for 1 seat out of every 24 registrations. Players choosing this route will either have the opportunity to play twice in the $10 + $1 Semi-Final tournaments or one chance to play in a $22 + $2 five player sit and go semi-final.

You can also use Bodog Poker Points you may have earned to buy-in. For every 27 players, 1 player will win enough credits to enter the tournament. The Buy-in is 250 Bodog Poker Points.

This next way will appeal to a lot of players and that would be to win your way by qualifying in a Semi-Final tournament with a Buy-in of $10 + $1. For every 11 players, one player will win enough credits to participate in the tournament.

The final way to get into this huge tournament would be to buy in directly to the tournament. The Buy-in is $100 + $9 if you go about it this way and you still have the same chances to win, it just costs you a whole lot more money!

This is a pretty exciting tournament because of the guaranteed $100,000 payout. That’s a pretty bold statement when the number of registrations will vary so widely. If you think you have a shot head out to Bodog Poker and register.  By signing up through FTR you will be able to receive a bonus of 110% up to $500!  10% of this bonus will appear immediately in your account!  Signup at Bodog today!