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It feels pretty nice to be the king. So why not be the king of the virtual poker felt? Now you can with Bodog’s new “King of the Felt” promotion.

Let’s talk a little bit about what the King of the Felt promotion actually entitles. Each week, there will be a drawing for players that have placed in the money in three Sit&Gos. Each player then has a chance to win in the drawing to face last week’s winner in a heads-up battle. The winner of that receives $1,000!

There are a few rules and conditions. First, each player receives one entry for placing in 3-5 Sit&Gos, two total for placing in 6-8 and then anything more than that receives the maximum of three entries. Placing in 6-8 Sit&Gos also gives you a $1,500 freeroll entry and placing in 9+ will give you the same freeroll ticket plus an extra $1k freeroll entry.

Keep in mind that not all Sit&Gos are equal. Players are only eligible if their Sit&Gos were not Heads-up, Beginner or a Double Up tournament. So make sure that the tournaments you sign up for actually qualify.

Once crowned as king, players have the opportunity to compete for as many weeks as possible to protect their status. If they win five weeks in a row then they are rewarded with a $2,500 prize. Win ten and players have a chance at a 2011 WSOP seat! To win this seat, players will play against a Bodog Poker Pro of Bodog’s choice in a heads-up match.

The weekly heads-up matches will be played at 8:35PM EST each Thursday.

This promotion lets the rich get richer. Get your Sit&Go game in check and start placing!