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As America hunkers down for another season of the NFL, Bodog is set to pump up their player base with an exciting promotional pairing between poker and Monday Night Football.

Each Monday at 8 PM ET, Bodog will host a pair of $10 + $1 tournaments. Each one will be named in honor of one of the night’s competitor’s in the nationally televised NFL matchup, effectively representing the team. Players can then sign up for the tournament whose namesake they feel will cover the spread under the Monday night lights.

Registering for these tournaments is incredibly simple. If you’re already a member of the Bodog community, then visit the “Scheduled Tournaments” section of their software, and hit up their “Special” tab. From here, players will need to register for the tournament which corresponds to the name of the team they feel will win that night’s match. If you’re not a member, then keep reading.

Football fans will need to show some speed, however, as both of these contests will only be open to the first 500 fans to cross the registration line.

Each and every one of the players in the tournament named for the team who covers the spread will receive a $10 Football Free Bet over on the sportsbook side of Bodog’s operation. That’s a pretty sweet deal, considering the fact that the buy-in itself is set at $10 + $1. So, beyond the cash you could win from placing in the poker money, you’ve also got a minimum 50% chance of earning nearly all of your money back with a well thought out registration.

Not already on the Bodog roster? Check out our Bodog download page to grab the latest version of their software. Also, be sure to check out our breakdown of the Bodog Poker bonus, which will net rookie players a 110% up to $1,100  bonus following their initial cash deposit. Be sure to sign up through the links provided by FlopTurnRiver, in order to receive entry into our exclusive money-added tournaments on the Bodog servers.

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