Bodog is one of the biggest brands of sportsbetting online. The Antigua-based company (licensed in the Mohawk territory of Kahnawake) actually made its name one of the most recognized everywhere. Bodog cemented its name in the online gambling hall-of-fame by way of the most bizarre gambles, examples of which include laying odds on the event that Heather Mills [the ex-wife of former Beatle Paul McCartney] would lose her prosthetic leg during taping of “Dancing with the Stars.” Also, Bodog featured prop bets on “The Sopranos” season finale. In fact, yours truly got introduced to the world of online gambling by going to totally randomly and putting in a bet on the Cowboys. I liked the star.

But then, disaster came. Some unclear feud happened between the owners of the Bodog company and those that held the domain name. Basically, a company called 1st Technology LLC filed a patent infringement suit against Bodog, and Bodog then lost its URL in the process. After that judgment, Bodog changed its URL briefly to and then they moved it to

But Bodog having to be reached by any other name is not exactly Bodog, and after some kiss and make-up (which actually took 2+ years), Bodog came to an agreement with 1st Technology LLC, and Bodog got its old URL back.

If you point your browser right now away from this beautiful blog and towards, you will find that it redirects to Bodog is expected to move its whole business operations to its old URL as soon as possible, which is possibly within a month or so.

Bodog got its actual identity back, and also got its own life in the process. Laws can be funny, no? You basically have to spend a couple of millions to return exactly to where you already were.