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Bodog Poker is now offering hand histories to its users. Following a 24 hour waiting period, this new system will also allow players to see the hole cards of their table-mates. This development, the company says, is aimed at quashing concerns over the potential collusion.

Bodog (also known as Bovada) is believed to be the first major poker room to offer such a service. The ability to track the hole cards of one’s adversaries presents a remarkable opportunity to players with a mind for study. This will allow the company’s most diligent users to take their game to an even higher level. Of course, the 24-hour delay is designed to further prevent any appearance of cheating. This was a smart implementation by the folks at Bodog. While the company’s anonymous tables will prevent users from tracking specific foes, it will certainly allow them to understand the tricks their opponents used to get the upper hand.

“The fact that we can now offer players this information is another advantage of our anonymous tables and something nobody else can offer,” said Bodog VP John Odman. “Collusion is a natural concern for any poker room but this new additional feature puts the player in full control. This makes the Bodog Poker Network the fairest place to play poker online in the world.”

Bodog has given a great deal of credit to their users, in this instance. The development of this system came as a direct response to the concerns their players raised over the possibility for collusion. These hand histories should go a long way toward addressing the problem.

According to a representative from Bodog, data has been tracked since March 8. Users can access theirs by clicking on the “Hand History” tab in the “Accounts” area.