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bwin, the leading provider of online gaming entertainment, has acquired a majority shareholding in UnitedGames, the leading European massive multiplayer online game publisher and developer.

The acquisition allows bwin to open new lines of business and strengthens the leadership of UnitedGames in online game publishing and development. This unique partnership enables bwin and UnitedGames to deliver the next level of online entertainment in the world.

“UnitedGames brings a lot of interesting technology and know-how to the relationship and we look forward to taking online gaming to the next stage of evolution” says Manfred Bodner, Co-CEO of bwin.

Founded in 2007, UnitedGames publishes high quality massive multiplayer online games (MMO Games). UnitedGames develops online games for a wide range of players and provides full localisation, including marketing, translations and community support. One of the fastest-growing online gaming companies on the Internet, UnitedGames has 17 million players in over 178 countries and has published over 20 MMOG titles.

Marijn Harinck, CEO of UnitedGames: “bwin and UnitedGames are extraordinary partners and this combination will have a huge impact on the online gaming market. We are excited about bwin expanding into the MMOG market, together we feel we can really take the online game experience to the next level”

The acquisition opens up opportunities for bwin to expand its audience to a wider public. In addition, UnitedGames expands the market opportunities for bwin in several countries. The acquisition provides synergy on infrastructure, payment systems, internet communications and portal management.

About UnitedGames
UnitedGames was founded in 2007 and is a leading European publisher of massive multiplayer online games (MMO Games). The company is based in the Amsterdam area in the Netherlands. UnitedGames consists of a team of people with a passion for gaming and creating superb online entertainment. The company brings the online gaming experience to a new level for both developer and gamer, with full marketing, localisation and support across Europe. In addition, UnitedGames develops and publishes its own online games for a wide online audience. The company’s portfolio currently holds over 20 MMO Games. These games are played by 17 million players from 178 different countries. Further information about the company can be found on the UnitedGames website.

About bwin
The bwin Group has over 20 million registered customers in more than 25 core markets. On a number of different platforms, the Group offers sports betting, poker, casino games, soft and skill games, as well as audio and video streams of top sporting events such as the German Soccer League. The holding company bwin Interactive Entertainment AG is listed in the ATX on the Vienna Stock Exchange (ID code BWIN, Reuters ID code BWIN.VI), and as the parent company provides various services such as software development, marketing, communications, human resources and finance for its subsidiaries and associated companies. The operational business of the bwin Group is carried out by subsidiaries and associated companies on the basis of licences (e.g. Germany, Italy and Gibraltar). Full details about the Company can be found on its investor relations website at