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bwin has been trying new Sit & Go formats each month. Their “Joker” and “Nitro Boost” formats were well received by bwin players. It is an innovative and fresh take on the normal sit & go’s. It is a monthly promotion as the new Sit & Go formats come and go each month. This month, bwin will be introducing an action-packed Sit & Go format called Chip Chaser.

The ten players that enter a Chip Chaser Sit & Go will be given 1,000 chips and 10 minutes to accumulate more chips. There are no blinds; only 100 chip antes. This gives players very little time and room to maneuver and forces them to make moves each and every hand. Expect daring bluffs and quick tournaments with such a structure. The most exciting part, however, is yet to come. After the 10 minutes are up, everybody will be automatically all-in, every hand. The all-in fiasco continues until a winner is decided. This gives great incentive to collect chips and develop a large stack from the start, hence the name of the game “Chip Chaser.” This special Sit & Go is available in $1+$0.20, $5+$0.50, $10+$1, and $20+$2 buy-ins with 70% of the prize pool going to the first place winner and 30% of the prize pool going to the runner-up.

Try your luck today at bwin’s exciting new Chip Chaser tables. They are only available for a limited time as the promotion ends on June 28th. If you don’t have a bwin account, click one of our links and create an account today!